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Power Supplies on HiFi Forsale
 ID 48564 Pro-ject Power Box Rs Uni 1-wa...  SOLD 
Brand new with warranty from Henley. In black, boxed and as mint as you'd expect. £200 delivered to mainland UK which is £160 discount. Fabulous upgrade to Project's Stream Box RS...

 ID 48556 Naim Hicap Dr (2014)  SOLD 
An original DR, 2014 Hicap in excellent condition. Comes with standard Naim mains lead, 5 pin SNAIC and Naim packaging. Can ship at cost.

 ID 48555 Naim Napsc (2009, Mint)  SOLD 
Naim NAPSC manufactured late 2009 Comes with original packaging and standard Naim power lead. Can ship at cost

 ID 48526 Cyrus 8 Power  SOLD 
This is a pre-owned Product in very good condition, All Pre-owned products are checked and serviced to ensure perfect working order and are warranted for 3 months. The Cyrus 8 Power is the ideal pa...

 ID 48517 Cyrus Cyrus Psxr Classic Power...  SOLD 
It is a widely accepted fact in the high quality audio circles that the power supply design accounts for a large portion of the overall perceived quality of the hi-fi system. The Cyrus PSX-R is a 300W...

 ID 48479 Power Inspired Ag1500  SOLD 
Brilliant power supply which keeps everything at 230v - read the reviews!!!!

 ID 48185 Linn Lingo 1 (serviced July 20...  SOLD 
Linn Lingo 1, which has just been serviced and upgraded at a cost of £161. Cosmetically in good shape apart from scuff mark on facia (see photo). Includes, LP12 switch, Circuit Board and Pow...

 ID 47960 Naim Cd555ps  SOLD 
Naim power supply CD555PS in mint condition. Manufactured in 2006. Can ship at cost. I also have a matching Burndy for sale + £225. From Naim site : "Originally designed to partner our w...

 ID 47947 Naim Xps-2 With Burndy  SOLD 
Naim XPS-2, Manufactured in 2004. Excellent condition. Includes burndy and original packaging. From the Naim site "As one of our most flexible performers it can be used to upgrade our CDX2 CD ...

 ID 47753 Teddy Pardo Teddycap Mk3  SOLD 
Teddy Pardos equivalent to a high cap. If you're looking at this, there's no need for me to explain! 225+delivery

 ID 47553 Russ Andrews Michell Powerpak ...  SOLD 
Upgraded power supply for GyroDec, GyroDec SE, and Tecnodec. RRP £299 Improve the performance of your turntable with this simple plug and play upgrade One owner from new. In superb, mint c...

 ID 47462 Hdplex 100w Linear Psu  SOLD 
I have on offer excellent HDPLEX 100W Linear PSU. This particular version is new revision with 5V/9V/12V/19V power rails (output) with adjustable 7.5V-19.5V voltage via external pot. Also, 19V output ...

 ID 47408 Naim Hicap Chrome Bumper  SOLD 
Chrome bumper HiCap in excellent condition. Mine from brand new from Grahams Red LED, serviced 2008. Used 5-6 years maximum since. Original Naim box Collect from North West Surrey and very...

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