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Power Cables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 47416 Studio Connections Blackstar  £495 
1.5m UK

 ID 47391 Audio Tekne X  £320.00 
The original type of power cable from Audio Tekne Japan which is woven. Three cables available each 0.85m fitted with Oyaide P-046 connectors. Payment in UK£295 each. Please email only, I do ...

 ID 47389 High Current Power Chord 0.9 M...  £40 
Russ Andrews High Current Power Chord 0.9 Metre

 ID 47385 Russ Andrews Classik Power Cho...  £50 
Russ Andrews Classik Power Chord 2 Metre

 ID 47288 Nordost Valhalla  £525 
Nordost Valhalla 1 Metre powercord. With audio grade IEC and serial no. Good condition No box

 ID 47287 Siltech Spx300  £195 
1 Metre Powercord complete with high quality Furutech Shucko Mains plug.Original box and paperwork.Very good condition.

 ID 47281 Purist Audio Design Dominus Fe...  €899 
One Purist Audio Design Dominus Ferox power cable in a good condition. The length is 1,8 metre and it is terminated with EU connectors. Serial number is 10008136. Retail price is 3.000 euro. Ple...

 ID 47274 Heavens Gate Audio Ultra Supre...  €249 
One Heavens Gate Audio Ultra Supreme power cable in a good condition. The length is 1,8 metre and it is terminated with the original EU connectors. Serial number is 0964. Retail price is 500 euro. ...

 ID 47267 Nordost Frey 2 Power Cable 2,0...  €1099 
One Nordost Frey 2 power cable in a fantastic, like new condition. Used for a small test only. The length is 2,0 metre and it is terminated with the original EU connectors. The box is included. Ret...

 ID 47225 Siltech Ruby Mountain G6 Signa...  €1899 
One Siltech Ruby Mountain G6 Signature power cable in a good condition. It is the version with SATT upgrade for more space and a black background (Siltech Advanced Thermal Treatment). The length is 1,...

 ID 47222 Vertex Aq Silver Roraima Lite  £395 
I bought this cable from a Vertex Aq Dealer. It started of as a 1.5m version.He reterminated it for me ,so now is a little short of it's original 1.5 m. It has a Schuko plug but this can be chan...

 ID 47099 Jps Labs Kaptovator 6ft Power ...  £500 
2 available 2m lengths reatil at £1295,

 ID 47068 Zu Audio Birth Power Cable Uk ...  £60 
Price is for one cable but we have 2 available

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