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Power Cables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 53522 Kondo Avacado 2 Meter With Fur...  £1,300 
Kondo Avocado Power Cord , 2 meters long with top Furutech FI50 carbon plugs in excellent condition . List Price £2,300, surplus to requirements. I have three others that I use. As used on the...

 ID 53444 Nordost Vishnu  £650 
For Sale Nordost Vishnu 5Meter. Very Good Condition. Power, Fast and Clean. Many Thanks

 ID 53390 Russ Andrews Kimber Mains Powe...  £75 
Russ Andrews/Kimber Mains block Powerkord. This is to connect a mains block to the mains. Perfect condition, originally bought from Russ Andrews

 ID 53389 Russ Andrews Classic Powerkord...  £85 
1m Russ Andrews Classic Powerkord with wattgate. In perfect condition, originally bought from Russ Andrews

 ID 53388 Russ Andrews Classic Powerkord...  £100 
1.5m Russ Andrews Classic Powerkord with wattgate connection. Perfect condition, originally bought from Russ Andrews

 ID 53381 Oyaide Power Supply Cable 1.4m...  £60 
Oyaide Power Cable 1.4m In Excellent Condition

 ID 53231 Lat International Ac-2  £50 
LAT International AC-2 Mains Power Cable 2ft A very decent 'budget' cable.

 ID 53106 Cardas Clear Beyond Power 2m  £850 
Cardas Clear Beyond power cable 2m. Superb cable with original certificate. I have 2 available. Located in south Nottingham, any questions welcome

 ID 53105 Cardas Clear M Power Cable  £275 
Cardas clear m power cable 1.5m with original certificate. Located in south Nottingham, any questions welcome

 ID 52964 Wireworld Wireworld Silver Ele...  £800 
The product is Brand new and never used before! I am selling my - WIREWORLD SILVER ELECTRA 7 POWER CABLE in3 Meter long with the best plugs ever assembled on the both sides - OCC silver - It has OCC...

 ID 52887 Transparent Audio Powerlink Mm...  £1600 
A Transparent Powerlink MM2 (6ft) (4 cables available) is available in very good condition. Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 6% more https:/...

 ID 52817 Silent Wire Ac 38 1,5m  €2000 
This sale is for two(2) power cables of 1,5m length each. MSRP for each one is €2000 so this offer is at 50% off!!

 ID 52815 Silent Wire Referenz  €2000 
This sale is for two(2) power cables of 1m length each one. MSRP for just one is €2500 therefore this a great discount!!

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