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Power Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 44918 Cyrus Power Amplifier With Psx...  £550 
A Cyrus Power amplifier with the dedicated PSX-R PSU. Boxed with mains leads only. Very good condition save for a paint chip on the top edge of the power unit. (shown) . Age unknown. Full working ord...

 ID 44884 Electrocompaniet Aw2 X 120 Pow...  £1500 
Full sounding wth loads of bass drive, not bad for a transistor amp Good working order UK only sale as the casework is fragile http://www.electrocompaniet.com/products/classic/poweramp/2x120-M....

 ID 44881 Tag Mclaren Avant Garde 100 X5...  £900 
Excellent No remote

 ID 44875 Dpa Ca1 Preamp - Pa1 Power Amp...  £2000 
HIFI WORLD FAVORITE AMPS DPA CA-1 2010 £2,650 Excellent solid-state preamp with a meticulously detailed and propulsive sound, but a deep velvety tonality. melody pure

 ID 44718 Mc Intosh Mc 2kw  €32000 
In excellent working and cosmetic condition. Original owner. working perfectly with amazing sound quality and reception. This unit will be shipped double boxed, this is to make sure everything arrives...

 ID 44673 Thrax Teres  £14995 
Ex demnostration Pair of these amazing amplfiers.As new with crates, 12 months warranty.RSP IS NOW £22000.

 ID 44642 Sovereign Eternity  €12000 
A pair Sovereign Eternity, sold late 2010, they are in excellent condition. Priced at the highend broker 12000 euro a pair. The serial numbers: 1011704 and 1011703

 ID 44640 Bryston 4bsst Or 14bsst   
Looking for 1 or 2 4BSST or 1 14BSST . Im on south coast but can travel quite a decent distance

 ID 44592 Vtl S-200 - Ex Demo  €10000 
For sale an ex demo VTL S-200 stereo amplifier, with 20 hours on he tubes, in mint condition, with original package. Priced at the Highend Broker 12200 euro* (export price 10000 euro).

 ID 44560 Air Tight Atm 211 - First Owne...  €7800 
For sale an Air tight atm 211, first and only owner with original packing. All tubes are excellent condition original 230 EU voltage, no marks or scratches.. Never repaired or modified. Priced at the...

 ID 44555 Krell Fpb600  £4750 
FPB600 upgraded to FBP700cx specification by Krell service agent. Includes custom Transparent Ref power cable and custom wood shipping crate

 ID 44518 Wavac Md-805 -pair  €7800 
For sale a Wavac MD-805 Set mono amplifiers 55 watts class A, two years old, sold by the first owner, in mint condition, with original package. Priced at the Highend Broker 7800 euro.

 ID 44516 Karan Kas 400  €6700 
For sale a Karan Kas 400 amp in silver bought by the first owner is November 2014 in mint condition, with original wooden package. Priced at the Highend Broker 6700 euro.

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