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 ID 40552 Chord Mezzo 140  £1999.00 
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 ID 40534 Audion Sterling Kt88   
Looking for the current hard wired version. Must be in good condition with original packaging. Would also consider the integrated version.
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 ID 40514 Rotel Rb971  £100.00 
BUDGET ESOTERICA *REDUCED* We upgraded my son's system and have this immaculate power amplifier above our requirement. It has performed flawlessly since we bought it new. The only modification ...
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 ID 40486 Bryston Powerpac 300 Mono  £1350 
It has only been used a few times and was used to drive a centre speaker, it is in mint as new condition and will come boxed with all documentation and is under 2 years old so will have 18 years left ...
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 ID 40469 Project Amp Box Rs Stereo - X ...  £525 
RRP £749 now ££525 Amp Box RS The Amp Box RS has multiple specific characteristics which make it a true high-end amplifier. The amplifier has a fully balanced double mono design...
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 ID 40409 Balanced Audio Technology Vk60...  £2000 
Good condition and good working order
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 ID 40331 Rotel Rb1582  £600 
This Amplifier is genuinely in new condition and was only opened to test with my equipment when bought in 2012 - its not even been burned-in ! It delivers deep lows and detailed highs from a powerful ...
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 ID 40228 Arcam P38 Or P35   
Black finish. Must be in excellent condition
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 ID 40184 Krell Fpb600  £4750 
FPB600 upgraded to FBP700cx specification by Krell service agent. Includes custom Transparent Ref power cable and custom wood shipping crate
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 ID 40180 Bel Canto Eone Reference 1000 ...  £2990 
Pair of Reference 1000 mkII mono blocks in black
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 ID 40179 Musical Fidelity 550k Monobloc...  £1590 
New old Stock. opened in 2015 from new. Immaculate condition boxed as new.
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 ID 40177 Chord Electronics 1200b  £1490 
Classic Chord 1200B stereo power amp
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 ID 40173 Dan D'agostino Momentum Po...  £16990 
“Dan D’Agostino returns with a product half amplifier, half sculpture, all genius!” Only the Momentum preamplifier can deliver the sound quality necessary to get the maximum possi...
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