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 ID 43205 Musical Fidelity 550k Monobloc...  £1590 
New old Stock. opened in 2015 from new. Immaculate condition boxed as new.
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 ID 43204 Bel Canto Eone Reference 1000 ...  £2490 
Pair of Reference 1000 mkII mono blocks in black
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 ID 43200 Chord Electronics 1200b  £1490 
Classic Chord 1200B stereo power amp
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 ID 43199 Mark Levinson No. 532  £9950 
Dual mono stereo power amp c/w box manual warranty
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 ID 43186 Audiolab M Pwr  £225 
Foe sale is my nearly new M PWR power amp in silver. I purchased this unit less than 3 months ago, and it is in as new condition, and perfect working order. It is cracking power amp and has both balan...
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 ID 43177 Trigon Dwarf Ii Mono Power Amp...  £995 
Trigon Dwarf II Mono Power Amplifiers Pre owned RRP: £1,990 Original box and packaging User manual Excellent condition Sr. 9550 & 9551
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 ID 43156 Harman Kardon Hk6100  £80 
Rarely used amp. Good condition. would like to upgrade to a network receiver
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 ID 43120 Chord Mezzo 140  £1999.00 
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 ID 43116 Vincent Sp 991 Plus Class A Mo...  £1950 
Vincent SP 991 Plus Class A Monoblock Amplifiers (Pair) Two owners from new. Excellent condition with only minor marks on some surfaces. Supplied with original box (Wooden Crate), packing, manual,...
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 ID 43110 Trigon Monolog Power Amplifier...  £7500 
Trigon Monolog Power Amplifiers - Pre owned RRP: £10,790 Original boxes and packaging User manual Power cables Condition "like new" - one small chip to rear handle only Sr. 2187 ...
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 ID 43102 Lindemann Musicbook 55 Power A...  £1898 
Lindemann MusicBook 55 power amplifier one owner from new power amplifier. Cost new £3000! Original box and packing, excellent condition (no visible marks). Reference level class D power amp...
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 ID 43091 Audio Innovations Alto  £200 
Exceptional sounding amplifier for the money. Unique Transistor construction. British design piece in black. Connections for 4x Line, 2x Tape. 43 cm wide. 2 x 35 watts of power. In perfect working ...
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 ID 43076 Krell Evolution One  £16000 
Excellent condition pair of krell evolution one mono blocks award winning retail price £60000, come complete with all original packaging, cash on collection preferred due to weight
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