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 ID 23011 Graaf Gm20 Otl  SOLD 
Graaf GM 20 OTL, power amplifier with new tubes, replaced less than 100 hours. This is probably most ingenious design by Mr. G. Mariani's. The best of both worlds, firm bass with unmistakably air...
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 ID 23008 Arcam Alpha 8r  SOLD 
Arcam Alpha 8R Amplifier in excellent condition offered for sale with original box and remote.
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 ID 22921 Yba Passion 1000 Monoblocks  £7890 
Stunning in every respect these 1000wpc monblocks drive any speaker with ease and grace.
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 ID 22913 Myryad Ma 240  SOLD 
120 watts per channel, Bridged mono 400 watts, Balanced inputs, Unbalanced inputs, Very good condition. Any questions ring Mike on 07814123204. Please do not email.
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 ID 22670 Fm Acoustics 811  SOLD 
It's more than nostalgia that we feel for the FM 811 which has established on a worldwide basis the singular reputation of FM ACOUSTICS.
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 ID 22386 Rogers Senior Mk Ii  SATISFIED 
Looking for one of these amps to make pair. Any condition considered.

 ID 22385 Radford Ma 25 Mk3  SATISFIED 
Looking for one of these amps to make a pair. Any condition considered.

 ID 22096 Conrad Johnson Premier 350  SATISFIED 
Hi looking for a mint 350 inthe usual champagne finish - anyone got one for sale, cash waiting thanks Darren

 ID 21997 Eastern Electric Minimax Power...  SOLD 
Superb performer in excellent condition - with original double box and power cable
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 ID 21981 Mcintosh Ma 7000  SOLD 
The MA 7000 AC is technically and optically in an absolutely new condition. Original packaging + manual, cable / remote control account first owner Perfect condition (visually and technic...
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 ID 21853 Electrocomaniet Aw60ftt  SOLD 
Hi selling as have new setup DOES NOT come with box or any cables but if you have cables can be tested before bought but I know 100% that its fully working in near mint condition
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 ID 21370 Arcam Alpha 8p  SOLD 
Excellent condition move abroad forces sale
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 ID 21249 Krell Ksa 250  SOLD 
I have owned this amplifier for over 15 years, it is in great condition, reluctant to sell, but now living in Spain and over here not the greatest conditions to use as it is meant to be.... Specif...
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