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Power Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 40169 Plinius Sa100mkiii  £1990 
One of the most musical amplifiers ever made

 ID 39972 Avm Audio Evolution Ma3.2s Mon...  £2450 
AVM Audio Evolution MA3.2S Mono-Power Amplifiers - Pre owned RRP: £4,990 Original box and packaging User manual Condition 9/10 Sr. AVM-1-01111 Specification: Balanced and unbalanced input...

 ID 39926 Marantz Pm250  SOLD 
Has always sounded great bi-wired to my KEF Q15s (also for sale). Couple of crackly pots, and the source/mic knob occasionally causes the left speaker to drop out - so a little pot spray needed here a...

 ID 39619 Rogers Kt66 Tube Monoblock Pow...  £1500 
Will need restoration and service. Slightly mismatched pair - circa late 1940's

 ID 39150 Pass Labs X5 5-channel Super S...  £1500 
Pass Labs X5 5-channel Super Symmetric Amplifier - Pre owned RRP: £5,000 No original box but a suitable one provided Condition 8/10 Sr. 09885 Gain 30 dB Freq. Response -0 dB at DC, -...

 ID 38975 Yba Passion 1000 Monoblocks  £5500 
Stunning in every respect these 1000wpc monblocks drive any speaker with ease and grace.

 ID 38784 Amcron Macrotech 2401  SOLD 
2x800 W or 1x1800 W power amplifier(USA)-5 year warranty

 ID 38783 C Audio Sr 404  SOLD 
2x475 W or 1x1000 W MOSFET dual mono power supply-5 YEAR WARRANTY

 ID 38782 Altec 9446  SOLD 
2x600 W RMS balanced power amp-5 year warrany

 ID 38459 Ecs Ea-1  SOLD 
Stunning mono blocks with recent service and upgrade by ECS

 ID 38445 Quad 909 Qmp  SATISFIED 
Will also consider other matching components

 ID 38321 Dan D’agostino Momentum ...  £18,777 
Perfect condition as New. Amazing discount for this amazing product. Available the original Momentum S200 Stereo Amp in black and in perfect condition will all original accessories an boxes availab...

 ID 38209 Pass X 250,5  SOLD 
I sell my HIgh-End Pass power amp

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