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 ID 1610 Naim Airplug  SOLD 
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 ID 1607 Naim Superline  SOLD 
Boxed pristine and complete. new june 08. updated by naim june 10
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 ID 1601 Firestone Audio Korora  SOLD 
Excellent mains and battery phono stage with mc/mm settings has had good reviews.mint with box and instructions.Has new batteries as well.
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 ID 1552 Naim Superline  SOLD 
Superb hi-end phono pre amp for your moving coil cartridge from our showroom ex-demo (came in november 09). adjustable loadings to get the best matching to any brand of cartridge. can be powered strai...
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 ID 1481 Audio Innovations P1  SOLD 
For sale is my ai p1 mm phono stage, which i am only selling, as i have upgraded to a whest and have no use for a seocnd stage at this time. it comes fully boxed with all paper work, optically and te...
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 ID 1466 Linn Uphorik (latest Akurate D...  SOLD 
Brand new linn uphorik phonostage! this is the just released new version with akurate case work and dynamik psu complete with 5 year registration form we are currently linn approved dealers b...
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 ID 1451 Lehmann Audio Black Cube Speci...  SOLD 
Virtually new and unused, the best sub- £1000 phono stage around, just read the reviews. with overkill external pwx power supply, all original packaging and manual. bargain, rrp is £800
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 ID 1359 Transcendent Sound Phono Pre-a...  SOLD 
Transcendent sound phono pre-amplifier. all-valve design from the usa. see: http://www.transcendentsound.com/transcendent/transcendent_sound_phono_preamp.html for full details of the design. assembled...
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 ID 1133 Kondo Audio Note Ans 7 Mkii  SOLD 
Legendary kondo japan hand made silver transformer. rare and wonderful. regretfully offered for sale.
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 ID 1129 Whest Two  SOLD 
10 months old and in mint condition. all original packaging, accessories etc. excellent.
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 ID 1073 Puresound T10 Step-up Transfor...  SOLD 
Superb Puresound T10 Step-up transformer. Perfect match for the P10 but will work with any MM phono stage. Multi-adjustable cartridge loading. Immaculate condition with only very light use.
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 ID 1019 Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex M  SOLD 
Graham Slees top of the range MM phonostage with high spec PSU1 power supply. Bought ex-dem earlier this year, immaculate condition, £640 new. All original packaging etc
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 ID 1018 Graham Slee Elevator Exp  SOLD 
Superb Graham Slee Elevator EXP Moving Coil Step-up amplifier with PSU1 power supply. Huge range of cartridge loading options. £550 new, only 4 months old and immaculate with all packaging etc.
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