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New Equipment on HiFi Forsale
HiFi Forsale is pleased to offer our private users some great discount deals on new HiFi/AV equipment from our registered dealers.

We are proud to be able to make this special offer courtesy of our dealers, without whose presence we would not be here.

Please have a good look through our pages, there are some great bargains available. And these are unique offers to HiFi Forsale users.

Just click 'View new HiFi/AV equipment' then use the top menu to find the product you are looking for, all items will have a DISCOUNT CODE, just contact the dealer and quote the code to them to get your money saving HiFi Forsale special discount.
a small selection of discounted equipment on HiFi Forsale
Link Cryo Reference Ultra-Pure solid core Silver Loudspeaker cable

8 plug 1 metre speaker cable set £1215 

12 plug 1 metre speaker cable set £1451

8 plug 2 metre speaker cable set £1782  add £670 per consecutive metre

12 plug 2 metre speaker cable set £2018  add £670 per consecutive metre

 The LCR is our  Statement in Loudspeaker Cable design

 As with all of our Reference family of cables it is constructed from  9999% 5n Pure Solid Silver The design is a true Litz cable and uses no less than sixteen individual Teflon insulated Cryogenically treated, solid core, ultra-pure Silver conductors utilising Dupont Teflon insulation and in the true Link Cryo Reference Family tradition it is a totally no compromise design of loudspeaker cable...Individually Hand Built in England...Every Link Cryo Reference Loudspeaker Cable is built to Order.

The LCR offers the finest materials available regardless of cost it is simply a no compromise design ... Hand built to exacting specification in a choice of colours to suit your personal taste.

This picture features a Single wire 2 metre Link Cryo Reference loudspeaker cable in Ice White finish with 12 plug termination... Also available in Black Royal Blue and Purple finish
Trigon Chronolog Reference Music Server

Every so often a product comes along which re-writes the rule book in it\'s market - sometimes this can be because it simply sounds sensational compared to it\'s peers, sometimes the design or build can be the best of the best, sometimes it can be inspirational innovation that wins this accolade - when a product combines all three of these elements then you have something very special indeed.

Consider a Music Sever which offers bit perfect CD ripping (multiple formats), innovative design and sensational build, and combines ease of use with audiophile performance -with these attributes you have the Trigon Chronolog.

Boasting a host of features which allows the music lover to easily and conveiniently store their entire CD collection at full studio quality, the Trigon Chronolog is at the very top of the high end Music Server marketplace.

Available with entirely silent internal SSD storage from 60Gb (around 150 albums) to 960Gb (around 2250 albums), there is a model for every collection - of course there is nothing to stop you connecting your own external hard drive to the Trigon Chronolog, and letting the high end internal DAC work it\'s magic on your music collection !

The Trigon Chronolog was the result of 3 years intensive design from the team at Hessen, Germany, and the result is a credit to their expertise.

Full iPad/iPod/iPhone compatibility allows the user to control all aspect of the Trigon Chronolog from the comfort of their sofa - both Single Ended and True Balanced outputs are made available for all system topologies.

Want to integrate the Chronolog into a high fidelity multi-room setup ? Easy, simply add a network of Simple Audio Roomplayers around the home and listen in awe, as they stream the HD music to your room of choice in stunning quality - there\'s even a Simple Audio model with a built in amplifier, so simply attach a pair of speakers and it\'s job done !

The absolutely stunning Trigon Chronolog Reference Music Server from Trigon\'s new PREMIUM LINE range is ready to wow you - the question is, are you ready ?

    High End CD-Ripping
    Playable music formats: wav, mp3, flac, cdda, nsv, m4a, aac, strm, pls, rm, mpa, wma, ogg, mp2, m3u, mod, amf, 669, dmf, dsm, far, gdm, imf, it, m15, med, okt, s3m, stm, sfx, ult, uni, xm, sid, ac3, dts, cue, aif, aiff, wpl, ape, mac, mpc, mp+, mpp, shn, zip, rar, wv, nsf, spc, gym, adplug, adx, dsp, adp, ymf, ast, afc, hps, xsp
    Sample rate up to 192kHz, 24Bit
    High end music-track-caching
    Gapless playback
    High end CD-player with meta data display
    Editing by WEB portal
    Cover management / download
    High end fileserver
    High end NAS (Network Attached Storage) and media streaming
    Access and integration of distributed databases in the music network / uPnP client
    Native internet radio without artificial upsampling
    Radio search by artist or genre
We have a limited number of new FI-50M USA mains plugs with 20% off.
New stunning Ubiq Audio Model 1.Be the first to hear these speakers in the UK exclusively at Choice HiFi
Transducer type	Planar magnetic
Magnetic structure	Proprietary push-pull design
Magnet type	Neodymium
Transducer active diaphragm area	39.8 cm2 (6.17 in2)
Maximum power handling	15W (for 200ms)
Sound pressure level	>130dB with 15W
Frequency response	5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz
Total harmonic distortion	<1% through entire frequency range
Impedance	20 ohms
Efficiency	103dB / 1mW
Optimal power requirement	1 – 4W
RAIDHO D-3.1 IN ...
Available for immediate purchase a pair of New Raidho D3.1 Speakers in Walnut burl.

The Raidho Acoustics D-3.1 is a true 3-way Raidho Diamond Driver loudspeaker. It has a dedicated 100 mm Diamond mid-range and three 115 mm Diamond bass drivers.

The D-3.1 is an extreme performer and is for those who really enjoy spending time and effort setting up their system and finding matching components. Real music enthusiasts can expect a truly unique musical experience from the D-3.1.
Audiovalve asistent 30

Black& gold finish

Superb class A integrated
Full warranty
Absolutely brilliant Calyx Kong portable DAC. Brilliant with computer audio and headphones. Brand new and fully boxed.
Surprising DAC for very little money.
MCRU have 2 brand new GII Optimum cables available, recently taken in part ex, they are new in the boxes. 2 metres long with IsoTek gold plated copper IEC connectors.

The GII Optimum uses OFC 2.5mm sq conductors.

Retail price is £350 per cable, we are offering them with 50% off list just £175 each.
Limited qty of new FI-E50 schuko mains plugs with 20% off
The new CineOle 2.1 Sound System from Cabasse.

CineOle features the same principles and the same technological innovations as the Cabasse high end systems, award winning references worldwide.

Designed, assembled arid controlled with tie very same extreme demands, CineOle will reveal the original intensity and drama of your favourite programmes, music and movies, at either low or high volumes.

Use it at any time without moderation or saturation.
The Link Cryo .... 

Chosen By  David Price for Hi Fi Choice Demonstration room Bristol Hi Fi Show 2012

£320 per 0.5 metre stereo pair terminated with Eichmann bullets (add £150 per subsequent 0.5m)

Balanced add £70 

Add £65 for Silver Eichmann Bullets
Trigon Recall II CD Player

The Trigon Recall II meets the highest standards in terms of design and overall build quality, incorporating all the features that characterize a true high-end source component. Its amazing musicality begins with a top tier transport that ensures optimum data retrieval from the medium. To achieve outstanding tonal characteristics, special attention has benefited even the smallest details. A master clock synchronizes all digital audio data and circuitry to minimize jitter. Custom designed output filters effectively prevent Aliasing.

A specifically designed switch-mode power supply circuit supplies the CD player with stable current and precise voltages even during large AC mains voltage fluctuations, while ensuring the player a practically total immunity against E.M.I. while suppressing line noise more effectively than conventional power supplies. State-of-the-art high precision 24-bit/192kHz Burr-Brown serial digital-to-analog converters feed audiophile quality single ended and balanced audio outputs, and a BNC connector supplies S/PDIF digital data.

The 2mm steel chassis is internally lined with absorptive materials to prevent microphonics and mechanically transmitted noise from contaminating the sensitive electronic signals. Special vibration absorbing feet further improve the players ability to resolve the finest musical detail.

Technical data
Frequency Response 	20Hz - 20kHz (+-1dB)
New H118 headphones on offer while stocks last, Hi-Fi Choice 5 star awarded, list price £225. Brand new boxed stock with warranty shipped same day order is received. On sale for £180
New stunning Ubiq Audio Model 1.Be the first to hear these speakers in the UK exclusively at Choice HiFi
New stunning Ubiq Audio Model 1.Be the first to hear these speakers in the UK exclusively at Choice HiFi
The Alaqeia... The Greek Goddess of Truth 

Quality & Craftsmanship need not cost a fortune....

The Alaqeia Interconnect - Hand Built from the finest materials available & assembled to the highest standards 

This design uses  two of  our Award Winning Silver Surfer High Purity Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Conductors with PTFE Teflon Insulator in a twisted pair format offering lower overall resistance due to increased cross section. With the added benefit of a Pseudo Balanced Construction for Superior RFI Rejection -       

-  A true challenge to the majority of high priced mass produced cables on the market -

Fitted with Teflon insulated adjustable Reference RCA plugs as standard - Also available with balanced XLR Termination....

0.5m stereo pair £99 (add £40 per subsequent  0.5 metre)

Add £40 for  Eichmann Bullets

Add £20 for balanced with Silver contact XLR termination

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