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New HiFi/AV on HiFi Forsale
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New Equipment on HiFi Forsale
HiFi Forsale is pleased to offer our private users some great discount deals on new HiFi/AV equipment from our registered dealers.

We are proud to be able to make this special offer courtesy of our dealers, without whose presence we would not be here.

Please have a good look through our pages, there are some great bargains available. And these are unique offers to HiFi Forsale users.

Just click 'View new HiFi/AV equipment' then use the top menu to find the product you are looking for, all items will have a DISCOUNT CODE, just contact the dealer and quote the code to them to get your money saving HiFi Forsale special discount.
a small selection of discounted equipment on HiFi Forsale
RKV mk2 Headphone Amp in Black&gold finish

Works well with new VIRTO

Full Warranty
The Link Cryo .... 

Chosen By  David Price for Hi Fi Choice Demonstration room Bristol Hi Fi Show 2012

£320 per 0.5 metre stereo pair terminated with Eichmann bullets (add £150 per subsequent 0.5m)

Balanced add £70 

Add £65 for Silver Eichmann Bullets
brand new in boxes with full warranty clearance item was £1650 2 way with fabulous dynamics
Limited qty of new FI-E50 schuko mains plugs with 20% off
0.5 metre Terminated with True 110 Ohm XLR .. £95..00 (add £35 per extra 0.5m) 

 AES/EBU 110 ohm  Digital Interconnect uses the same Super Fine Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Conductor with special attention paid to conductor spacing to ensure a perfect impedance of 110 ohms - this is then finished with true 110 ohm Silver-Plated Neutrik XLR�s making the Perfect Digital Transmission system....
Offered for sale in a limited edition is a pair of Black Rhodium Coda stereo interconnects MCRU special edition.

This offer is only available by phone or email.

The last of the coda cable is available terminated with the new KLE Harmony RCA plugs, a new design RCA from Keith Eichmann the inventor of the original eichmann bullet plug. Keith has vastly improved the original design and the new plugs sound even better as a result. 1 metre stereo pair twisted to reject RFI. 

    Cable manufactured in England
    2 core cable, twisted for superior noise rejection
    Silicone rubber insulation for accurate portrayal of the leading edges and decays in music
    Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent superior imaging and low background noise.
    Exclusive Black Rhodium post production process proven to deliver improved sound quality
The exceptional Isis M75D integrated is likely to become a World Class leading product. Hear what all the fuss is about.
Part exchange welcome.
Trigon Vanguard II Phono Stage

TRIGON Vanguard II Phono stage for MM and MC systems. Externally accessible dip-switches allow perfect matching of gain, impedance and capacitance to suit a wide range of phono cartridges. Its external power supply allows to install the Vanguard II phono stage near the turntable, maintaining a short and direct signal path while minimizing interference.

Affordable high value excellent sound and outstanding built quality!
Technical data
Amplification 	42 - 66 dB adjustable in 16 stages
Input Impedance 	25Ohm to 1800Ohm in 31 stages, 47kOhm (MM)
Input Capacity 	60 - 100 pF basic capacity / 47pF, 100pF, 147pF
Inputs 	1x RCA
Outputs 	1x RCA
Frequency Response 	20Hz - 20kHz +-0,2 dB RIAA
The Orbit Power cable offers unparalled performance & Design excellence at a fair price..

Orbit Power  Heavy duty silver plated OFC Mains lead finished with EPS-500 Silver plated mains plug & Silver plated Marinco or optional 16 amp American style Silver plated connector  ..1.0 metre £130 inc.. (add £25 per metre )  available in Black, Royal Blue, Purple.
Transducer type	Planar magnetic
Magnetic structure	Proprietary push-pull design
Magnet type	Neodymium
Transducer active diaphragm area	39.8 cm2 (6.17 in2)
Maximum power handling	15W (for 200ms)
Sound pressure level	>130dB with 15W
Frequency response	5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz
Total harmonic distortion	<1% through entire frequency range
Impedance	20 ohms
Efficiency	103dB / 1mW
Optimal power requirement	1 – 4W
New stunning Ubiq Audio Model 1.Be the first to hear these speakers in the UK exclusively at Choice HiFi
Silver plated cable
Eichmann bullet RCA's
0.5 metre 75 ohm cable with choice of Digital terminations £385 (add £220 per extra 0.5 metre) 

 The New Passion Signature simply the best...

Our statement Digital cable after 7 years of further research - this all new design benefits from much of the work carried out on our Passion Signature analogue interconnect with our super pure re crystalised heat treated Conductors - air cell Teflon Insulation - Silver Eichmann Bullets as standard termination for the RCA version .. True 75 Ohm Reference BNC connectors and genuine 110 Ohm Neutrik XLR for the balanced version.

Every cable is hand assembled to the highest standards and individually tested for perfection before despatch

A simple audition will tell you all you need to know.
New stunning Ubiq Audio Model 1.Be the first to hear these speakers in the UK exclusively at Choice HiFi
Trigon TRV-100 Preamplifier

The TRV - 100 is a pre-amplifier of high quality with eight high-level-inputs and two separately switchable outputs. Two of the eight inputs as well as one output are supplied in symmetrical design. The inputs 7 and 8 can also be used as input for a tape-recorder because there are also two record-outputs belonging to these two inputs.

There are also two switched low-voltage-outputs (10V DC) for the running of amplifier and active loudspeaker with DC-remote control. Further TRIGON-equipment, controlled by the TRV - 100 can be connected to a 3-pole-D-sub-socket.

For the running of a high-ohmic head-phone there is a 6,3 mm phone plug at the front of the equipment.

Further the TRV - 100 has got an input/output where special equipment like Surround Decoder, Equalizer etc. can be connected.

The amplifier is completely controlled by a uP in consideration of a good working separation of the analogous and digital circuits.

The operating of the pre-amplifier is possible at the equipment itself as well as by a IR-remote-control-unit. A clear display on the front of the pre-amplifier, which is dimable and can be switched off, informs always about current positions. In the \"Stand-by Modus\" the equipment can be switched-off by remote-control-unit. Independent from the current program the Record-circuit allows copying any program-source. The volume can be adjusted by a special D/A-converter, so it is much better than conventional volume control (Pontentiometer) in respect to sound and technology. Each of the amplifier stage is produced modulary, in the case of developments concerning the technology or the sound they can be exchanged by unplugging.

The integrated toroid transformer with a \"Super Silent material\" which is low magnetic field and humless runs even very well in the case of unclean voltage. Again the mains-part was very much considered. It consists mainly of four separate mains-parts and contains for the supply of the amplifier stage a special connection, which always allows a low sorce resistance in the case of higher frequency. That way the distortion occuring also in the high-sound-sphere will be minimated and the sound seems to be less rough comparing to the use of usual connections.
Technical data
Bandwith 	1Hz - 200kHz
Sadly no longer available, but when it was we purchased the last from the UK importer. Stereo configured The Audioquest  RF-200 cable from the USA was a massive seller , We have about 300m  at 2.50 per metre, todays price would be approx. £7.00 per metre.
 cut to your desired length.
Now £17000
X-dem model available- one off opportunity.

The exceptional Isis M75D 
integrated is likely to become a World Class leading product. Hear what all the fuss is about.
Part exchange welcome.

The exceptional Isis M75D integrated is likely to become a World Class leading product. Hear what all the fuss is about.
Part exchange welcome.

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