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New Equipment on HiFi Forsale
HiFi Forsale is pleased to offer our private users some great discount deals on new HiFi/AV equipment from our registered dealers.

We are proud to be able to make this special offer courtesy of our dealers, without whose presence we would not be here.

Please have a good look through our pages, there are some great bargains available. And these are unique offers to HiFi Forsale users.

Just click 'View new HiFi/AV equipment' then use the top menu to find the product you are looking for, all items will have a DISCOUNT CODE, just contact the dealer and quote the code to them to get your money saving HiFi Forsale special discount.
a small selection of discounted equipment on HiFi Forsale
The Log-Rhythm MK-2 Phono Interconnect

High performance Interconnect especially designed for moving coil cartridges 

Available with Silver plated SME 5 pin arm termination and Metal bodied Silver Eichmann bullets as standard (suits most arms with removable cable)  with custom lengths/terminations & optional WBT�s available to order

This cable is designed to offer the delicate signal from your phono cartridge the very least intrusive path possible using our latest cryottone� Cryogenic treatment process...

0.5 metre stereo single ended  interconnect starts at £266 add £79 per half metre.. .

1.2 metre stereo  interconnect starts at £345 add £79 per half metre..

1.2 metre stereo Balanced  interconnect starts at £455 add £95 per half metre.. 

Picture Log Rhythm MK-2 Terminated with standard Silver Eichmann Bullet RCA Connectors

 I have now had the Log-Rhythm Mk2 arm cable for a few weeks and it is nicely burned-in so I thought I'd share my impressions.
Mark was good enough to make me a special "slimline" Log-Rhythm Mk2 as the standard cable configuration couldn't quite negotiate the very tight confines of the stone plinth housing of my Garrard 301.  Excellent service ... and at no extra cost!  I replaced the standard issue Van den Hul arm cable supplied with my SME IV and popped a selection of vinyl on the turntable.  The Log Rhythm is "quick" - the dynamics are excellent - and it certainly passes the toe-tapping test.  Soundstage is equally good, both wide and deep, and instrument placement precise and stable with good bass definition and control at the top end.  There is a general sense of "air" and space around the instruments and an overall reduction in listening fatigue - in fact zero fatigue, as evidenced by my inability to get an early night since the arrival of the cable.  I'm someone who listens to music, not equipment, and who doesn't "fettle" (no disrespect to fettlers) so ultimately the question for me is about musicality.  The Log-Rhythm is musical - it sings, it dances - and it's like having a new record collection.  I have no hesitation in recommending both the product and the service from Missing-Link.
Jim Brady
Fantastic value valve pre amp with 4 RCA inputs and a single RCA output.  Puts many named products to shame.
Product Description

Cable with proprietary 4VRC©, copper cooking for four times in order to obtain a reduction in values of inductance, capacitance and resistance. Isolator in XLPE where XLPE and 100 times better than normal teflon. This lowers the threshold of escape of spike, cancels the skin effect between individual leads and therefore the width of the musical signal barrier guaranteeing greater linearity and low amplitude of the sine wave of the basis for the benefit of the naturalness of musical signal emission.

Terminated with connectors to high quality Rhodium great plating that allows a better signal transmission without loss and oxidation power void. Technology twisted within the cable to get a balanced sound across the frequency band tonal with a powerful bass extension and precise and this leads to sound science fiction, the incredible dynamic like a hairdryer will send a large amount of air around the hair, giving an impression of dynamics in complete freedom without any compression, a medium low which helps to give force to the reproduction , snug and warm voices to emphasize the details of recording, precise focus, high transparent never aggressive. Impossible to put it into crisis.

Redefines the way you listen to, the point of arrival. A cable that is present but does not feel. Shown in all systems and valves of any solid-state solid value. 16 x 2,5 mm conductors 4VRC©. An absolute reference.

Technical characteristics:: External jacket mm. 270 ; Number of Cond. 16 ; Cond.  Copper (4VRC); Capacity max.  55 Pf/m.; Conductor Resistance: 7,98 Ohm/km.
Perreaux Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier

The Audiant 80i is a stereo integrated amplifier equipped with an asynchronous USB DAC and is capable of delivering 80W of pure, distortion free power per channel.

Audiant 80i features eight stereo inputs, including asynchronous USB, coaxial & optical digital inputs, along with a MM phono input for a turntable and a selectable home theatre loop.

Incorporating an upsampling 24-bit/96kHz digital to analogue converter (DAC), Audiant 80i uses ESS Technology\'s Reference Sabre ES9006 DAC for accurate sound reproduction of all your digital sources.

With listening, we realised that Audiant 80i was proof positive that our core philosophy is correct. Form and function combines to  a hugely satisfying amplifier. The appearance is aesthetically forward-thinking while the sound continues the tradition of previous Perreaux pieces  engaging, purposeful and controlled.

Since 1974 Perreaux have been manufacturing high fidelity components of exceptional quality in New Zealand. Audiant proves again, that commitment and passion can triumph over geography and high expectations. The elegant implementation of MOSFET output devices and Class-A signal stages give Audiant 80i a potent, dynamic and sophisticated sonic signature.

Merge our high musical standards with the versatile features of Audiant and you have an amplifier ready for now, and the future. A variety of digital inputs enable you make the most of the superb 24-bit/96kHz Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC).

You can ease Audiant into a home theatre system to extract any missing detail from your cinema experience. Or you can put the needle on the record with the knowledge that the phono stage has been extensively tested by our music obsessed team in the deep south.

Once again Perreaux bring you a ground-breaking amplifier that will reconnect you to the thing that is, in these busy days, so often overlooked  the MUSIC.


    Asynchronous USB DAC
    Touch button interface
    Dimmable display
    Transformer Coupled Digital Input
    Home theatre input
    High-current toroidal power supply
    Control iTunes via USB
    Infrared remote control
    Digital inputs
    Phono input
    Class-AB amplifier
    MOSFET output devices
    Upsampling digital to analogue converter
    1 Watt Standby power consumption

Technical data
Amplifier Section
Power Output:	80W into 8Ω
130W into 4Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N):	Typically 0.002% @ 1kHz
20Hz to 20kHz
Award winning power supply design with 1000's sold worldwide, immediate sonic improvement over oem supplied wall wart proven by existing customer feedbacks. 

NOS 1m pair of analogue interconnect RCA was £199
0.5 metre Terminated with True 110 Ohm XLR .. £95..00 (add £35 per extra 0.5m) 

 AES/EBU 110 ohm  Digital Interconnect uses the same Super Fine Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Conductor with special attention paid to conductor spacing to ensure a perfect impedance of 110 ohms - this is then finished with true 110 ohm Silver-Plated Neutrik XLR�s making the Perfect Digital Transmission system....
Now £17000
X-dem model available- one off opportunity.

The exceptional Isis M75D 
integrated is likely to become a World Class leading product. Hear what all the fuss is about.
Part exchange welcome.

The Link ..... 

£238 per 0.5 metre stereo pair terminated with Eichmann bullets (add £120 per subsequent 0.5m)

Balanced add £40

Add £65 for Silver Eichmann Bullet

Technical specifications:

2-way/bass reflex system

12 dB/oct/LKR/2200 Hz crossover

Nominal power, 200 W

Impedance, 8 Ohm

Frequency response, 35 Hz –20kHz

Sensitivity, 91 dB / 1W/ 1M

Dimensions: 260 x 360 x 1000 mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 29.0 kg/unit.

 Mid-bass section

2 x 160 mm Morel High Performance bass-midrange

One-piece DPC cone/dust cap for smooth, extended response and firm bass

Large diameter aluminum former for efficient heat transfer

75 mm diameter ATECH voice coil for high-power handling and superior dynamics

Massive die-cast open aluminum basket for flat and smooth response

Natural felt disc for absorption of unwanted reflections


Morel 28 mm High Performance Elite series tweeter

ACUFLEX hand-treated soft dome and aluminum faceplate

ATECH voice coil for high-power handling and superior dynamics

Triple Ferrite magnet system

Under hung configuration for higher performance and lower distortionLinear motion for high sensitivity, fast transient response and high definition

Crossover12 dB/oct/LKR/2200 Hz crossover

Mundorf Air Foil Coils, 99.999% pure OFC copper with Polypropylene insulation.

Mundorf High-End Audio Grade MKP capacitors, matched to 0.5% tolerance.

Exclusive custom braid -HGA Solid Silver/Teflon insulated inner wiring

High quality Bi-wire WBT terminal

available finishes:

AW = American Walnut

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery
Now £17000
X-dem model available- one off opportunity.

The exceptional Isis M75D 
integrated is likely to become a World Class leading product. Hear what all the fuss is about.
Part exchange welcome.

Now £17000
X-dem model available- one off opportunity.

The exceptional Isis M75D 
integrated is likely to become a World Class leading product. Hear what all the fuss is about.
Part exchange welcome.

Product Description

Style	Open circumaural
Transducer type	Planar magnetic
Magnetic structure	Fluxor magnets
Magnet type	Neodymium
Driver Size	100 mm
Maximum power handling	15W (for 200ms)
Maximum SPL	>130dB
Frequency response	10Hz – 50kHz
Total harmonic distortion	<0.1% (1kHz, 1mW)
Impedance	30 ohms
Efficiency	102dB / 1mW
Optimal power requirement	200mW – 4W
Weight	460g
The Sling-Shot Dual Helix
8 plug 2 metre speaker cable set £295 add £90 per consecutive metre

(12 plug termination)

12 plug 2 metre speaker cable set with built in jumpers £395 add £90 per consecutive metre

Our own Silver plated bananas or optional  spades are are fitted as standard and is included in the price shown

Optional Gold plated BFA connectors are also available at no extra cost to comply with European regulations.. 

Optional Eichmann Bayonet connectors ( high performance banana plug ) add £9  each  fits standard 4mm binding posts

Loan Cables Available by arrangement ... 

A development of the Single Helix this cable is hand made from 2x cores of Single Helix loudspeaker cable giving twice the cross section of our Ultrapure Silver Plated Copper offering a lower risistance and improving the damping factor of your loudspeakers..

The Slingshot  Dual Helix offers the finest materials avalable and performance for price...  Hand built to exacting specification in a choice of colours to suit your personal taste
Perreaux Eloquence 150i Stereo Integrated Amplifier

The 150i is a compact integrated amplifier with big attitude. It has been designed with precision engineering using the latest in technological advances to ensure seamless integration into any system. The 150i won\'t disappoint.

Optional internal 24-bit/192kHz Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) and Moving Magnet/Moving Coil (MM/MC) Phono Preamplifier modules ensure complete integration of digital source components (such as network music servers and set-top digital receivers), as well as turntables, into a high-performance system.

The _loquence 150i stereo integrated amplifier is the perfect partner for the CDt Compact Disc Transport.


    High Power Design
    High-current Custom Power Supply
    High Damping Factor
    Advanced Microprocessor Control
    Advanced Stepped Volume Control
    Advanced Lossless Stepped Off-Set Balance Control
    Non-Invasive Protection
    Balanced (XLR) input
    Home Theatre/Pass-Through Loop
    IR (infrared) input and output
    Isolation Feet Options
    USB Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) (optional)
    MM/MC Phono Stage (optional)

Technical data
Dimensions	426mm (16.8\") x 344mm (13.5\") x 102mm (4.0\") (W x D xH)
Weight: 17kg (37.4lb)
Rated Power Output (per channel):	150W into 8
300W into 4
Maximum Power Output (prior to clipping, per channel):	190W into 8
310W into 4
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise	Typically: 0.002% @ 1kHz, 150W into 8
20Hz to 20kHz: less than 0.040%, 150W into 8
Frequency Response	20Hz to 20kHz: +0.00dB, -0.15dB
5Hz to 60kHz: +0.00dB, -0.50dB
Damping Factor:	800 @ 1kHz, 150W into 8
Signal to Noise Ratio (unweighted):	better than 96dB, ref. 150W
Input Impedance	Unbalanced: 12k
Balanced: 22k
Input Overload	Unbalanced: 8Vrms
Balanced: 8Vrms
Volume Control Range:	-95.5dB to +31.5dB
Volume Control Resolution:	0.5dB per step
Input Volume Trim Range:	40dB
Balance Resolution:	0.5dB
Balance Range:	40dB
_loquence DAC Module Specifications
Digital Inputs:	2 SPDIF Coax (BNC)
2 SPDIF Optical (Toslink)
1 USB (Type B)
Input Sample Rate:	32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz (Coax, Optical)
32, 44.1, 48kHz (USB)
Input Word Length (maximum):	24-bit (Coax, Optical)
16-bit (USB)
Input Impedance:	75 (Coax)
Transformer Coupled	Coax: Yes
Optical: No
Analogue Section
Digital to Analogue Conversion:	24-bit / 192kHz
Output Voltage:	2.0Vrms @ 0dBFS
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise	Typically: 0.002%, 20Hz-20kHz @ 0dBFS
Frequency Response	20Hz to 20kHz: +0.0dB, -0.1dB
5Hz to 94kHz: +0.0dB, -3.0dB
Dynamic Range (unweighted):	better than 115dB @ 0dBFS
Signal to Noise Ratio (unweighted):	better than 115dB @ 0dBFS
Channel Separation:	better than 110dB @ 0dBFS
Stop Band:	105kHz
Stop Band Attenuation:	125dB
_loquence Phono Module Specifications
Input Impedance:	Low Gain (MM): 47k
High Gain (MC): 100k
Input Capacitance:	22pF
Prices start from £395 for a one metre cable - add £265 per consecutive metre  

 This new specialised cable is a development of our highly acclaimed Reference Power Cable and has taken over 5 years of research to improve on our original design that has consistently out-performed cables at over twice its cost. This new design offers even greater current capacity with its generous 6mm cross section Ultrapure Silver coated conductors suitable for the most demanding equipment and incorporating our state of the art cryottone  Cryogenic treatment process in conjunction with our new specialised Heat treatment process for improved Crystal structure on all conductive components ..... and yet still retains a very user friendly flexibility due to the high quality custom polymer insulation. 

Suitable for all audio applications high or low curent to get the verry best results from your audio equipment.

As with all of our cables all you need to do is use your ears. Please feel free to contact us to arrange loan cables, we think you will be pleasantly surprised.
The exceptional Isis M75D integrated is likely to become a World Class leading product. Hear what all the fuss is about.
Part exchange welcome.
NOS 1m digital video / audio grade interconnect RCA was £129

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