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 ID 38436 Unison Research Preludio Class...  SOLD 
Fantastic valve class A integrated amplifier. Bodywork in superb condition. Comes with wooden remote and fully boxed.
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 ID 38325 Allnic T1500  SOLD 
Allnic Integated Amplifier 300b valves
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 ID 38001 Ear 859se  SOLD 
EAR 859 Integrated Amplifier The EAR 859 Integrated Amplifier was designed to be the best Single-Ended Triode amplifier on the market. Tim as always, was keen to cut a new path through the forest a...
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 ID 37256 Unison Research Preludio  SOLD 
My Unison Research Preludio is for sale. Gorgeous looks with gorgeous sound. It's boxed, with original volume remote and valves and the body is in near perfect condition.
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 ID 37020 Almarro A-318b  SOLD 
The fabulous hand built Japanese integrated that is the Almarro A-318B. Check the two rave reviews on the net. This amp is mind-boggling superb. The very unusual 6c33c output valves provide fantastic,...
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 ID 36663 Lector Vfi-70l  SOLD 
This is a superb hybrid valve intergrated amplifier,it sounds sublime ,with excellent imaging and presence,the bass is deep and extended with a smooth detailed topend.
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 ID 36199 Ear Yoshino V12  SOLD 
Mint condition EAR V12 integrated amp bought Dec/2015 for sale. Amazing 50 watt per side EL84 valve amp that sounds amazing with Yamaha NS1000M's and Davone Ray's. Only selling due to upcom...
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 ID 35205 Unison Research Unico S8  SOLD 
An Unison Reearch Unico S8 is available in very good condition. Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 5 % more https://www.facebook.com/Hifibrok...
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 ID 34926 Cayin A100t Kt88 Version  SOLD 
Brilliant integrated amplifier with less than 200 hours use. Complete with remote control and switchable between Triode and Ultralinear mode.
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 ID 33610 Puresound 2a3  SOLD 
This is the most recent version of the 2A3 with valve cage. A beautiful 18W integrated amp with a rich, spacious, and powerful sound. Exceptionally quiet in operation, in spite of the very sizeable ou...
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 ID 33537 Manley Stingray  SOLD 
Manley stingray triode or utraliner in great condition not a mark anywhere and sounds great
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 ID 33440 Nightingale Adm32 Class A Dual...  SOLD 
Nightingale ADM32 Class A Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier Pre Owned RRP: £3,795 Complete with a full brand new set of Golden Dragon (matched) Valves. No Phono Stage Original packaging
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 ID 33184 Leben Cs300xs  SOLD 
LEBEN 300XS in mint condition with Mullard CV2975 EL84 valves ( NOS matched quad cost £269) This is the de-lux version with 15 watts per channel and uprated components. Prized for it's ...
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