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Integrated Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 54537 Musical Fidelity M6i Integrate...  SOLD 
We have this preowned Musical Fidelity M6i Integrated Amplifier in Silver. It is in very good condition, there are a couple of slight marks on the right of the fascia which can be seen in the pictures...

 ID 54324 Rega Elicit-r  SOLD 
Rega Elicit-R Integrated Amplfier Excellent condition Phono MM & Line Level Inputs Pre-amp and Record Loop outputs 100Wpc power amplifier c/w Rega packaging and all original accessories Rega...

 ID 54300 Nad C390dd  SOLD 
Direct digital amplifier, in excellent as new condition, very lightly used, in original packaging with all leads and remote and manual

 ID 54252 Bel Canto S300i  SOLD 
Bel Canto S300i integrated amp in silver finish. Mint condition. Comes with remote control, manual and original box/packaging. Super sound and build quality. 150 wpc of class D power into 8 ohms. 4 in...

 ID 54067 Lavardin Is Reference  SOLD 
Near mint condition. Non MM phono model. Amazing amplifier, the best integrated amp you can buy under £7000, new price for IS Ref. is £3800!

 ID 54012 Musical Fidelity Nu-vista 800 ...  SOLD 
We have this preowned Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800 Tube Integrated Amplifier in Black. It is in excellent condition which can be seen in the pictures attached. It comes with the original box/packagin...

 ID 54007 Arcam Fmj A19 Integrated Ampli...  SOLD 
We have this preowned Arcam FMJ A19 Integrated Amplifier in Black. It is in excellent condition which can be seen in the pictures attached. It comes with the original box/packaging, remote control, UK...

 ID 53797 Cyrus 8vs Intergrated Amplifie...  SOLD 
We have this preowned Cyrus 8VS Intergrated Amplifier in Quartz Silver, it is in very good condition, There are some minor marks on the cabinet which can be seen in the pictures attached. It comes wit...

 ID 53768 Red Wine Signature 30.2 Lfp-v ...  SOLD 
This is an interesting one! Red Wine is a 30 watt integrated amp (single input) that is BATTERY POWERED and comes with simple volume remote control. In excellent condition, it plays for several ho...

 ID 53764 Cyrus 8a  SOLD 
18 months old amplifier. Silver. Immaculate condition. Will demo. Wish to move to pre/power combo as I've got a valve pre so selling for that reason. I have all the original packaging etc.

 ID 53718 Bel Canto S300i  SOLD 
Bel Canto S300i integrated amp in silver. 150 wpc into 8 ohms. 4 inputs.Super build quality. Sounds great with Magneplanars. Box, manual and remote control included. £1800 new. Mint condition.

 ID 53571 Arcam Fmj A19 Amplifier Black ...  SOLD 
The Arcam FMJ A19 will delight music lovers of all generations. It delivers exceptional transparency and detail with ultra-low level distortion and is perfect for those looking for reference level sou...

 ID 53530 Lyngdorf Tda 2200  SOLD 
Lyngdorf true digital stereo amplifier. Perfect working condition but minor marks on the casing and no box. Note this is the version without room correction.

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