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Integrated Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 53524 Arcam Alpha 8  £100 
Great amp in perfect working and cosmetic order. No remote. Power output: 50 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.01% Input sensi...

 ID 53515 Hegel Hegel H80 Black Dac Amp  £825 
Fabulous sounds so thinking of upgrade as new very little use

 ID 53432 Primare I32 With Latest Mm30 M...  £1950 
Exemplary ClassD integrated from the well respected Primare. It's fitted with latest MM30 media board with Bluetooth AptX module integration. Please note that majority of MM30 on eBay are not the ...

 ID 53428 Mark Levinson Red Rose Music P...  £750 
Rare opportunity to pick up a Mark Levinson amp. Integrated 70w 8ohm / 120w RMS 4ohm. Wonderful open musical sound, upgrade (and disinterest from my daughter!) allowing sale. Excellent conditio...

 ID 53423 Jvc Ak100  £40 
Good quality stereo integrated amplifier with 4 inputs including phono stage. 75 watts per channel

 ID 53410 Micromega Ia 100 Integrated Am...  £650 
Micromega IA 100 Integrated Amplifier Pre Owned RRP: £1,290 UK Supplied Fully Tested Condition : Grade A The highly impressive IA-100 Integrated Amplifier from Micromega. A hug...

 ID 53406 Mbl C51 Integrated Amplifier  £5,495 
MBL C51 Integrated amplifier UK RRP £8,350 One owner from new and in unmarked condition. Approx 12 months old with original box and packing. 12 months warranty for the new owner.

 ID 53375 Amr Am77  €3500 
For sale In absolute New State in aluminum case In brilliant bronze (silver version one of the most beautiful built in integrated amplifiers The 45kg weighing amplifier works purely class A with ...

 ID 53330 Technics Su-v8 Integrated Amp...  £400 
Technics SU-V8 Old school monster integrated 110w class A Muscle amp upgraded Cardas RCA inputs and Cardas loudspeaker sockets also 3.5mm Headphone jack as well as 1/4 Jack serviced and good to go &po...

 ID 53324 Musical Fidelity B200 Pure Cla...  £250 
Musical Fidelity B200 Pure class A 60WPC with MM/MC £250

 ID 53316 Goldmund Mimesis 27 Clone By J...  £650 
Goldmund Mimesis 27 Clone by Jan Lewinski Here we have a very special Goldmund Clone this is a copy of the legendary Goldmund 27 Pre Amplifier it says Goldmund on the main board and has been consider...

 ID 53308 Karan Acoustics Kai 180 Mk1  £2000 
Not sure if I'm going to regret this ,but decided to sell my lovely Karan integrated amp. with remote Puck and original shipping crate.Just look at reviews 180w a channel .will put pics up later....

 ID 53301 Arcam A39  £839 
This well-reviewed amplifier is in pristine condition, with original box and accessories, and little used. Will consider offers

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