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DACs on HiFi Forsale
 ID 49878 Firestone Audio Tobby Dac  £400 
Firestone Audio Tobby Dac for sale, like new condition. Owned since new and comes with original wooden box. Excellent sound! Fully balanced, dual-mono design featuring dual PCM1794 DACs. Specifica...

 ID 49859 Perreaux Audiant Dp32 Usb Dac ...  £1495 
Perreaux Audiant DP32 USB DAC Pre-amplifier - Pre owned RRP: £2,395 Original box and packaging User manual Remote control Condition 9/10 Sr. 420343

 ID 49846 Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2v2 Se Anthr...  £1999 
Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2v2 SE Anthracite Grey RRP: £3,499 Sale Price £1,999 ex Demo unit. In 'as new' condition. Original box and packing. Full manufactures warranty.

 ID 49844 Sotm Sdp-1000ex Dsd Dac & Pre-...  £1,995 
SOtM sDP-1000EX DSD DAC & Pre-amp RRP: £3,495 Ex-Review unit in excellent condition. For more information, please contact us at info@eliteaudiouk.com or on 01334 570 666. sDP-1000...

 ID 49781 Burmester 13 Dac - Pre Owned  £1590 
Burmester 113 DAC Pre owned RRP: £2,500 Original box and packaging Remote control User manual In immaculate condition Sr. 1021065 Inputs: Bluetooth (via supplied aerial, A2DP, APT-X), ...

 ID 49768 Audiovalve Solaris Dac  £3,859 
AudioValve Solaris DAC RRP: £4,827.00 !!Save 20% on RRP!! Ex-Demo unit. In excellent condition. In original box and packing.

 ID 49739 Rega Dac (black)  £350 
Factory sealed. Bought to upgrade a Rega cd player, based on reviews and Rega recommendation but then changed the transport so remains unused.

 ID 49734 Trichord Research Pulsar 1  £250 
Classic "analogue" sounding dac from the UK masters of digital reproduction. It was heralded as the first dac to put CD on a par with vinyl. Has several dip switches to tune the dac to diff...

 ID 49724 Furutech Gt40 Usb Dac, Mm Mc P...  €300 
ADL Furutech GT40 UDB DAC MM/MC Phono Pre Amp. Headphone Amp. In Very good condition. Comes with original power adapter (schuko), standard USB cable, manual and box. Can be listed to when picking...

 ID 49702 Dcs Scarlatti Dsd Upsampler Pr...  £3995 
DCS Scarlatti DSD Upsampler Pre owned RRP: £8,039 Condition : 9/10. Colour : Satin Black Original Box : Yes, original box, packing, mains cable, leads and manual. Serial Number : SUP 8657 ...

 ID 49695 Lessloss Echo's End Dac (b...  £1695 
LessLoss Echo's End DAC (B-Stock) RRP: £4,343 B-Stock component as a few minor marks on the finish.

 ID 49622 Auralic Vega Digital Audio Pro...  £1590 
AURALiC Vega Digital Audio Processor - Pre owned RRP: £2,995, Original box and packaging : Yes. Mains Lead : Yes. Condition : 8/10, UK Supplied : Yes. Finish : Brushed Aluminium. Manual : Yes. ...

 ID 49621 Auralic Ark Mx+ 32bit 192khz U...  £690 
AURALiC ARK MX+ 32Bit/192Khz USB DAC - Pre owned RRP: £1,895 Original box and packaging : Yes. Mains Lead : Yes. Condition : 9/10. UK Supplied : Yes. Finish : Brushed Aluminium. Manual : Yes....

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