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 ID 10472 Musical Fidelity V-dac With V-...  SOLD 
Musical Fidelity V-DAC II with V-PSU II When the original Musical Fidelity V-DAC was launched three years ago, it got excellent reviews. The technical reviews, in particular, were outstanding, a...
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 ID 9565 Musical Fidelity M6 Dac  SOLD 
Musical fidelity m6 dac musical fidelity m6 dac has arrived m1 dac trade in offer we are offering all your money back for your existing pre-owned m1dac (£399) against new order of the m6 ...
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 ID 9415 Cyrus Dac X  SOLD 
Cyrus dac x excellent condition, boxed in original packaging. legendary performance, priced at only £649. (rrp £1200) only £649
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 ID 9111 Furutech Adl Gt40  SOLD 
Special offer with all sales of the furutech adl gt40 dac / phono stage / headphone amp we will supply a free furutech usb cable, both the gt40 and the usb cable both won best in class at the what hi-...
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 ID 9100 Mains Cables R Us Regulated Po...  SOLD 
Award winning power supply design to fit the m2tech young dac, supplied with mains lead, plug in and enjoy.
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 ID 9077 April Music Eximus Dp1  SOLD 
April Music's Eximus DP1 Digital Analogue Converter reviewed by Alan Sircom in HiFi Plus (December 2012) as "the best ... any money". This is also the review sample used once only.
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 ID 8340 Cyrus Dac Xp+  SOLD 
This item is Pre-owned, The cyrus dac xp+ is a digital to analogue converter, together with a built in pre amplifier. features twin dacs and twin mono fully balanced stereo pre amplifier. combined ...
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 ID 8083 Zanden 5000s  SOLD 
A Zanden 500 available in mint condition. Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 4% more
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