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 ID 730 Naim Dac  SOLD 
Naim dac first released this year. hardly used,
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 ID 684 Benchmark Media Dac1 Pre   
The DAC1 PRE is a reference-quality stereo pre-amplifier, headphone amplifier, and computer audio playback device, incorporating the 24-bit, 192-kHz DAC1 digital-to-analog conversion system. Purch...
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 ID 562 Linn Majik Ds   
Linn Majik DS, black, used for a single demo and absolutely as new. Has not been registered since its purchase in April so you can take advantage of the full 5 year Linn warranty. A fantastic digital ...
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 ID 461 Musical Fidelity X Series   
X Series DAC and PHONO stage with X-PSU Mint. X-DAC with hdcd decoding, X-LP phono stage, and X-PSU.Includes leads and dac leads both coax and optical. More Images available by request. Buyer must ...
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 ID 444 Meridian 518   
Digital processor - an amazing piece of kit placed between any digital sources and a DAC to improve / condition the signal so that the DAC can then handle it in the best way. Many different options av...
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 ID 440 North Star Audio Dac M192 Mk1   
This is the 110v so a transformer would be required. It is in mint condition. It is a fantastic sounding dac better than a lavry or benchmark in most reviews.
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 ID 424 Bel Canto Dac3   
Bel canto eone dac3 special price £1495 @ audiologica we have a small number of this very special dac at a very special price of just £1495 (rrp £2195) this is the non-vb model and stock is ...
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 ID 395 Chord Dac 64 Mk2   
Chord dac 64 mk2. 2 years old. £2300 new. unmarked condition. dual outputs for blu transport.
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 ID 390 Chord Qbd 76 Dac   
Mint condition, owned from new approx. 9mths old. boxed with all original packaging and paperwork. 5 years warrenty.
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 ID 365 Trends Audio Ud-10.1   
Trends audio ud-10.1 usb converter with external battery pack
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 ID 324 Benchmark Dac1 High End Silver...   
Mint condition benchmark dac1 high end silver. this model does not have a usb input.
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 ID 180 Chord Dac 64 Mk.2   
Immaculate chord dac 64. unmarked, perfect working order. original box.
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 ID 31 Cyrus Prevs2   
Quartz silver prevs2 mint condition,ten months old £320.00.
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