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 ID 44065 Bel Canto Dac 2.7  £1699 
Latest version of this formidable PCM DAC with volume and balanced in/out USB and AES/EBU and analog input was £2500
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 ID 43984 Bel Canto 2.5  £775.00 
Bel Canto DAC 2.5 Comes with remote, mains lead, manual and original box. In excellent condition. Multiple inputs with 2 x coaxial, USB and Toslink. Also has an analogue input for your turntable...
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 ID 43930 Teac Ud-h01  £170 
Teac UD-H01 in immaculate condition and perfect working order, pick up from NW London or I will post via parcel force 48 for £5.00 the unit will be packaged in original box.
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 ID 43883 Teac Ud-501  £425 
Superb, flexible DAC for sale. Double rate DSD (5.6MHz) and 384kHz PCM support for MAC and Windows 5 digital inputs (2 Toslink, 2 RCA, 1 USB) Balanced and Single Ended Outputs + headphone output ...
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 ID 43781 Metrum Acoustics  £1600 
Metrum DAC in silver. Superb condition. With USB input module. Sounds astonishingly good. I am now planning to buy the Pavane.
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 ID 43746 Chord Electronics Dac64 Mk I  £650.00 
One owner [me] since bought for £1500 nearly new in early 2000's. Exemplary condition, boxed, comes with optical cable and Trichord Reseach BNC-coax cable. THESE DACS DO NOT HAVE A USB INPUT...
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 ID 43671 Tron Seven Reference Dac   
Long shot I know !.....looking for a Tron Seven Reference DAC (or will consider other levels dependent on price) ...ideally boxed & in mint condition. Will travel to collect
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 ID 43622 Gryphon Kalliope Dac  £9000 
Gryphon Kalliope DAC Top Gryphon product, true High End Dual Differential Topology In perfect functional and cosmetic condition, as good as new Please click to REVIEW button for more info and re...
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 ID 43558 Wadia 321  £1700 
New model DAC from the digital legends, Wadia. Stunning piece of technology which I used with the Wadia 8 transport and high res file streamer to great effect. Looks like a piece of art on the rack w...
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 ID 43468 Naim Dac-v1  £1125 
Naim DAC-V1 DAC / Headphone Amplifier S/PDIF, Optical & Async USB inputs s/n 398939 (Jan 2016) Excellent condition c/w original packaging & accessories Remainder of manufacturer's war...
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 ID 43366 Trichord Research Pulsar 1  £295 
Classic "analogue" sounding dac from the UK masters of digital reproduction. It was heralded as the first dac to put CD on a par with vinyl. Has several dip switches to tune the dac to diff...
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 ID 43267 Audiolab M Dac+  £700 
For sale is my nearly new M DAC+. i purchased this unit new less than 3 months ago, and it is in excellent cosmetic condition and perfect working order. It is in the silver finish and comes complete w...
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 ID 43162 Resolution Audio Cantata Music...  £3000 
Up for sale is a Resolution Audio Cantata music centre in excellent condition, i never thought i would sell this excellent DAC but I am moving out of the country and unfortunately cannot bring my syst...
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