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 ID 8127 Jamo Concert Center  SOLD 
Jamo concert center speaker for sale my jamo concert center these really are very well built, solid and fantastic sounding speakers. i brought this on here as i was going to buy a set of jam...
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 ID 8042 Mission Mxc2  SOLD 
Hi, mission mxc2 for sale... £120 mint condition. no marks, no scratches and no dents! just over 6 months old... mission mxc2 specifications format: centre speaker enclosure type: 2-way ...
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 ID 8010 Kef Q9c  SOLD 
Kef q9c centre speaker in maple boxed. been on a journey of speakers and have ended back with ma's having now secured 2 to choose from this is surplus to my needs. has great presence in the roo...
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 ID 7765 Monitor Audio Rslcr  SATISFIED 
Hi, i am in need of a matching centre and rears for my light oak rs6's please get in touch with what you have to offer thanks ian

 ID 7754 Kef Q6c Maple  SOLD 
Kef q6c centre speaker maple colour boxed in perfect condition. this was my 2nd one of these as you will see, got a complete colour matched set and now upgraded to q9c. postage will be £20 on ...
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 ID 7484 Kef Q6c Dark Apple  SOLD 
2nd of my kef q6c's this one is not boxed and comes in dark apple. one of the original bridging plates has been lost but i found one that fits. collection preferred due to lack of box but posta...
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 ID 6628 Pmc Tb2i Sig  SOLD 
TB1 SIg center
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 ID 6489 Rega Senta Rs Vox  SATISFIED 
Hi. i'm looking for either a rega senta or rs vox centre speaker in black ash or piano black finish. please me a line if you have anything for sale. many thanks :-)

 ID 6463 Jamo Center 200  SOLD 
I am selling my much beloved jamo center 200 which has served me well for many years as i am upgrading. these are excellent speakers and are in great condition. 2 woofers 127 mm & 1 25 mm dome twee...
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 ID 5917 Revel C52  SOLD 
Revel performa c52 centre speaker in cherry for sale with grille and box. this is a large centre speaker and reatils at £2400. i am the first ownercash on collection preferred.
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 ID 5763 Wison Benesch Centre  SATISFIED 
Wanted wilson benesch centre speaker, let me know what finish youve got and how much you want for it. cash waiting.

 ID 5270 Tannoy Revolution Rc Centre Ch...  SOLD 
Good condition.
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 ID 4611 Rega Rs Vox Black  SATISFIED 
Wanted rega rs vox in black to match my rs3s and rs1s and newly acquired naim n-vi.

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