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 ID 31514 Harmon Kardon Td 4400  SOLD 
As new top spec cassette deck in original box with manual very good quality deck.
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 ID 28289 Technics M45  SOLD 
Technics M45 with original box . good condition
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 ID 25292 Marantz Sd-930  SATISFIED 

 ID 23516 Denon Drm-600  SOLD 
Very good working condition, never heavily used. Old postcode still showing on top, hence condition rating. Original manual with the equipment
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 ID 20851 Nakamichi Casstee Deck 1  SOLD 
Serviced by B&W when purchased and little used since, so in excellent working order. Email for pics as up for photos not working. With instructions.
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 ID 44089 Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2  SOLD 
For sale a very nice condition Nakamichi cassette deck. Originally purchased to transfer tapes to MP3 but never used. Power up but not used to check if working. Comes in original box with two blank ca...
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 ID 42571 Nakamichi Bx-300e  SOLD 
Nakamichi BX-300E 3 HEAD Cassette deck. Pre owned in very good condition and full working order with original box and instructions. The BX-300E is from the top of the BX range and incorporates a wealt...
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 ID 41556 Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2  SOLD 
Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2. Owned since new. Light use, excellent condition. Full Working order. Boxed with manual. Includes 2 brand new TDK tapes. exc. postage
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 ID 41312 Denon Drm-800  SOLD 
Denon DRM-800 cassette deck. 3 head dual capstan machine with Dolby B, C and HX Pro. Not used for many years but all seems to be working fine, as far as I can tell as I no longer have tapes! Unmarke...
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 ID 32181 Nakamich Dr2  SOLD 
A very very good example of this iconic Cassette deck from the 1990s boxed with all accessories and manual it is 3 head machine with very low use we are selling for £179
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 ID 25633 Yamaha Kx390  SOLD 
Noise Reduction Dolby-B Noise Reduction Dolby-C Noise Reduction MPX Filter Dolby HX Pro® Head Configuration 2 Head Design 4 Track / 2 Channel Calibration ...
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 ID 23420 Nakamichi Dr2  SOLD 
A very nice example of this 3 head cassette deck come with some high quality chrome cassettes
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 ID 19267 Nakamichi Cr-2e Tape Deck - Pr...  SOLD 
Nakamichi CR-2E Tape Deck - Pre owned One owner from new, and kept in it's box for the last decade after being used only twice ! This is a rare thing indeed with this , and must be a real c...
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