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Cassette Decks on HiFi Forsale
 ID 42425 Nakamichi Cr-2e  £100 
Tapedeck by Nakamichi Grab a bargain as I do not use it! No tapes!

 ID 39932 Pioneer Ct-93 Or Ct-91a  SATISFIED 
Wanted either of the above must be in vgc.

 ID 39714 Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2  SOLD 
Deck comes with 12 various used cassettes. No box or remote. Good condition. Tested ok with headphones

 ID 38895 Nakamichi 580m  SOLD 
Nakamichi 580M 2 Head Cassette Deck

 ID 50652 Nakamichi Dr-2  SOLD 
Excellent condition DR-2, 3 head 3 motor machine, original box (great condition!), original manual and even original cables! Will include 10 brand new Maxell cassettes. Makes awesome recordings. Last ...

 ID 48737 Nakamichi Dr3  SOLD 
A few small marks on lid but generally excellent condition as hardly used. Superb recording and playback with bias control. 2 head, 3 motor mechanism (record / playback & erase), Frequency respons...

 ID 44089 Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2  SOLD 
For sale a very nice condition Nakamichi cassette deck. Originally purchased to transfer tapes to MP3 but never used. Power up but not used to check if working. Comes in original box with two blank ca...

 ID 43283 Pioneer Ctf 9191  SOLD 
Pioneer CTF 9191 Cassette Deck in silver and wood finish. Rare, sought after and collectible model. VGC. Superb sound quality and battleship build. Originally bought from Shaw Sounds. Ring Eric on 014...

 ID 42571 Nakamichi Bx-300e  SOLD 
Nakamichi BX-300E 3 HEAD Cassette deck. Pre owned in very good condition and full working order with original box and instructions. The BX-300E is from the top of the BX range and incorporates a wealt...

 ID 41556 Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2  SOLD 
Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2. Owned since new. Light use, excellent condition. Full Working order. Boxed with manual. Includes 2 brand new TDK tapes. exc. postage

 ID 41312 Denon Drm-800  SOLD 
Denon DRM-800 cassette deck. 3 head dual capstan machine with Dolby B, C and HX Pro. Not used for many years but all seems to be working fine, as far as I can tell as I no longer have tapes! Unmarke...

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