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 ID 1822 Onkyo Pr-sc886  SOLD 
Traded-in from one our customers pr-sc886 delivers state-of-the-art features and performance for the most technically sophisticated home theatres. designed to connect to high-end amplifiers, this a/v...
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 ID 1486 Lexicon Mc12  SATISFIED 
Looking for a mc12 best to be v5 and eq preferably with mics. balanced not necessary - price depends on setup and state

 ID 1335 Lexicon Dc1 Audio Processor  SOLD 
This lexicon still sounds great, it will still beat the pants of of most of todays audio processors very good with music too, no remote and some scratches but in good working order
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 ID 938 Proceed Mark Levinson Avp2  SOLD 
Ill not go into all the details, if you know your processors you will know all about this, the worlds best processor by far for stereo as it shares the same dacs as the 30K mark levinson no40, only se...
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 ID 872 Yamaha, Bose Yamaha Rx-z1 Ampl...  SOLD 
This ad is for Yamaha RX-Z1 home theatre receiver and amplifier and BOSE accustoms 16 which is 6.1 channel home theatre speaker system, Yamaha amplifier is powerful 6.1 channel surround sound system y...
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 ID 697 Audio Synthesis Adx Analogue T...   
Audio Synthesis ADX allows a single analogue source, eg phono amp, to be connected to a DAC. It includes a fixed level analogue output for recording, eg to sound card. The digital outlet from ADX is B...
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 ID 638 Lexicon Mc1  SOLD 
NEW for over 3350 GBP! Excellent condition- Comes with as new Remote and Manual.This unit sounds fantastic. It does not have HDMI, but a true audiophone would never process the video signal anyway....
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 ID 612 Rotel Rsp-1098   
Rotel 10 series RSP-1098 Processor, Excellent Condition, black and silver finish, boxed with manual and remote, updated to latest firmware so runs Prologic IIx. Superb sound. Please see my other listi...
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 ID 565 Naim Av2 And 175   
Interest check for Naim AV2 and NAP 175. These items combined with your 2 channel setup will allow you to get Naim quality 5.1 surround sound (up to 7.1 if you add additional power amps). Another m...
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 ID 465 Lexicon Mv-5   
This first class surround processor offers a great sound at a great price. cost new £2300.00 ex-dem bargain at £899.00
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 ID 464 Lexicon Mc 12b V5   
This near legendary surround processor offers exceptional performance at a fraction of its new cost. cost new £8995.00 ex-dem bargain at £1850.00
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 ID 416 Lexicon Mc-8 V2 S W   
Excellent condition mc-8 - boxed with remote and manual - collection always preferred but will post after cleared payment. ebay user: davlett
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 ID 224 Meridian 518 Digital Processor...   
Meridian 518 digital processor a digital audio processor par excellence. cost new around £800.00 ex-dem bargain at £350.00
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