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Analogue Audio Cables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 51798 2m Ansuz Acoustics Diamond  £3,850 
Further reduction current 2m list £11,500 One of the best interconnects in the world to date , will shame any other cable available , even Odin 2 ? Realistically priced for quick sale .

 ID 51791 Audioquest Cougar Tonearm Phon...  €249 
One pair of AudioQuest Cougar Tonearm Phono interconnects in a very good condition. The length is 1,5 metre and they are terminated with the original JIS and RCA connectors. The original box is includ...

 ID 51790 Audioquest Yosemite Interconne...  €399 
One pair of AudioQuest Yosemite interconnects in a very good condition. The length is 1,5 metre and they are terminated with the original RCA connectors. The original box is included. Retail price ...

 ID 51786 Mogami 2534 Quad Xlr 4 X 1m  £75 
Top quality pro balanced quad cables. RRP £130. 3 months old.

 ID 51730 Crystal Cable Ultra Rca  £800.00 
1m RCA Interconnect with certificates and original box.

 ID 51726 Lfd Audio 0.7m Reference Silve...  £400.00 
LFD Audio 0.7m Silver Reference solid silver multi diameter interconnect. Excellent interconnect detailed, dynamic, open and musical. S/Hand.

 ID 51725 Lfd Audio 0.7m Black Widow  £2000.00 
LFD Audio 0.7m Black Widow Interconnect. Stunning solid silver multi diameter interconnect like being there, no Hi-Fi just music. S/Hand.

 ID 51717 Naim Hi-line  £340 
5pin-5pin Hi Line recently returned from Naim (broken lug repaired) and dealer verified as good. Cable is approx 1.2m excluding Air-Plugs. Original tin package.

 ID 51686 Crystal Cable Bridge Standard ...  €379 
One pair of Crystal Cable Bridge Standard Diamond interconnect bridges with a length of 1,0 metre. They are terminated with the original RCA connectors, the current version. The original box and certi...

 ID 51684 Crystal Cable Ultra Interconne...  €1199 
One pair of Crystal Cable Ultra interconnects in a very good condition. The length is 1,0 metre and they are terminated with the original WBT-0102Ag silver RCA connectors. The original card of authent...

 ID 51628 Nordost Heimdall Interconnect  £175 
Here I have a 0.6m pair of Nordost’s original Heimdall interconnect cables. They are exactly 0.6m in length between the WBT NextGen Cu connectors. They are in great condition but don’t com...

 ID 51621 Qed Qunex 2  £10 
For sale is a 0.5m pair of QED Qunex 2 interconnect cables with QED gold plated RCA plugs. The cables are in very good condition, I haven't used them for more than 10 hrs as I replaced them with t...

 ID 51613 Mit Cvt Proline 2m Balanced  £750 
These interconnects were once top of the MIT range. And some say they still sound the best. I have a 2 m pair of balanced interconnects for sale in excellent condition. They will come supplied in the ...

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