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 ID 45503 Nordost Valhalla  £750 
Nordost Valhalla 1M Interconnect. Totally original complete with with serial no. and spring ed phono plugs. Very good condition.No box
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 ID 45483 Transparent Audio Reference Ba...  €3000 
Transparent Reference Balanced Reference MM2 (XLR), latest technology, Hi-Z designed for SS amps Pristine condition, As new, original packaging. I'll send s/n in private. Only serious buyer ...
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 ID 45456 Wavetec Studio  £95 
A top quality pair of 1m Wavetec interconnect cables. Wavetec use exceedingly high spec solid copper core cables, which offer minimal resistance, bound together with high quality double screening an...
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 ID 45422 Slic Innovations Eclipse C  £274.99 
SLIC Innovations Eclipse C interconnect, 1 metre length, RCA to RCA phono - excellent condition. free Royal Mail Delivery to UK only.
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 ID 45417 Silent Wire Serie Referenz 1....  €2000 
This sale is for a stereo pair RCA-RCA interconnect cable. MSRP: €4050
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 ID 45415 Silent Wire Rca-rca Cables Ser...  €16200 
This an 8.00m long cable. Changed my entire setup so it must go. Great for a system where the source or the DAC has to be far from the main system!! MSRP: €32400
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 ID 45403 Lfd Audio 0.7m Black Widow  £2625.00 
LFD Audio 0.7m Black Widow unscreened multi diameter solid silver interconnect. Wonderfully realistic sound with large multi layered soundstage, clear airy treble, natural midrange and deep tuneful ba...
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 ID 45370 Townshend Audio Fractal 1m Rc...  £490 
As new not used. no box
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 ID 45369 Tara Labs The One With Floatin...  £990 
1m XLR. Stunning cable; blackest blacks and lowest noise floor with great fine detail.
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 ID 45361 Mit Matrix 12  £390 
Matrix 12 1.5m interconnect. RCA/RCA See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk
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 ID 45350 Kubala Sosna Anticipation  £190 
1m RCA interconnect See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk
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 ID 45326 Naim Audio Hi-line  £395 
5 pin Din to 5 pin Din, 1.75m Hi-Line interconnect.
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 ID 45318 Mit Spectral 330  £450 
1 X 3m lockable RCA/RCA interconnect cables with network devices,designed by Spectral USA for their high band width amplifiers, warm side of neutral and transparent, boxed.
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