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 ID 47346 Dynaco Dynakit St70 Output Tra...  £40 
One only-tests OK for continuity-bring an ohmmeter or use mine.the other TX I intended to rewind and is in dissembly in a bag.You can have this also.

 ID 47345 Hammond Transformers-pair 372b...  £100 
Hammond 100/110/120/200/220/240 volts in 600v c.t. 100mA DC 5v c.t. 2A 6.3v c.t. 3A Made in Canada-98 VA.No box but unused. Now surplus to requirements.Price is for the ...

 ID 47344 Mullard Ef80 Nos Boxed-  £5 
See as for EF184-moderate gm-ono.

 ID 47343 Valery Ushakov 6 Kgm (each) Ou...  £850 
'C' core magnificent single ended for larger valves to 70 Khz @ 1dB or better, very conservatively rated @ 600v- 200 mA DC.Will arguably outperform others at 100 times this price.Please phone ...

 ID 47341 Mullard Nos Ef184  £5 
Frame grid High gm Triode-mode in all valve power amps. Expensive going cheap.

 ID 47340 Mullard Pz30  £8 
NOS- in Volt doubler mode gives 500v @200 mA Full Wave valve rectificationers.

 ID 47339 Parmeko Pair El34 British Main...  £90 
Both work O.K.-no shorts or overheating.0-120v,0-120v(= 240v mains input), 0-250, 325, 400v HT taps-ac @160mA DC,5v@2A,6.3v@4A each TX.

 ID 47330 Avo 8 Mk 2 And 8 Mk5  £1 
Repairable-or very good for spares. fed up with hanging on to them

 ID 47324 Psvane We-275b Valves  £250 
Psvane WE-275 2A3 replicas 1-to-1 series(pair), less than 50hrs use,would consider a swap with similar quality 300B's

 ID 47307 Leema Acoustics Focus Remote C...  £195 
SPECIAL OFFER ... SAVE 25% !!! Leema Acoustics Focus Remote Control (Silver) List Price £265 - SAVE £70 Brand new item - Full manufacturers warranty **FREE SHIPPING MAINLAND U...

 ID 47303 Metronome Technologie Kalista ...  £300 
Calling all owners of metronome technologie CD players and Cd transport. Selling a brand new custom made Perspex cover / Display case for the metronome kalista reference cd transport. This cover is br...

 ID 47294 Shakti Innovations On- Set Of ...  €99 
Brand new, never used! One set of two Shakti Innovations On-. I took them out of the packaging for taking pictures only. You can put them on your audio cables for better performance. Retail price i...

 ID 47293 Stillpoints Tuning Feet (set O...  €179 
One set of two Stillpoints tuning feet in a very good condition. The original box is included. Please check my other items. Free shipment worldwide!

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