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The A5+ is a powered ('active') design, and therefore does not need an external amplifier. Indeed it has no facility for it to be used with one. One of the pair of speakers contains the amplifier (and therefore is heavier) and has a volume control on the front, while the other is 'passive', taking a cable from the powered speaker. For me the supplied cable for this purpose was too short, so I had to get a longer cable. You get the original cable with these speakers.

This model is very highly praised in perhaps the majority of reviews, though I personally was disappointed with it because my own sound recordings of natural soundscapes really showed up their actually exaggerated, wallowing and boomy bass to the point of ruining the listening experience altogether for many of those recordings! This appears to be partly but not wholly down to resonances in my listening space.

That said, however, although the bottom end of this model's frequency response is claimed to be 50Hz, which would itself be very good indeed for notionally bookshelf-size speakers, my own sinewave tests revealed a just audible signal even down to 28Hz, which is not just good but amazing! You'd still need a subwoofer, though, if you want a proper flat response below 50Hz, with really solid 'feely' / 'earthquake' frequencies; it would make a big difference.

Apart from my issue with the A5+ bass, however, which latter in any case would please many people who are listening just to music, they are far from being 'all problem', even in my own jaundiced perception! Indeed, their midrange and treble make recordings sound very realistic, with a great clarity and naturalness.

I received the speakers only in mid-May 2014, so they must be fully broken in by now, but overall they have not had a great amount of use as I have been out a lot and also very busy processing my own sound recordings (then using my quality computer speakers - Audioengine A2+ with S8 subwoofer).

I would like prospective purchasers to give themselves enough time when they come here to audition the speakers properly before making up their minds about them.

Please note that this item is for personal collection only (Exeter, UK), with up-front full CASH payment.
Great condition, comes in original wooden crate.
Monitor Audio GX300 Speakers

Standing at over a metre tall the Monitor Audio GX300 speakers is a majestic three-way floor-standing loudspeaker comprising twin 6.5 bass drivers, a single 4 mid-range driver and a high frequency ribbon transducer. With such an impressive complement of drivers, the Monitor Audio GX300 speakers has the power delivery and scale required to fill the largest rooms with jaw-ping dynamics as well as the finest musical detail. Extending from below 30Hz to over 60kHz, its frequency range is among the widest available from any speaker, irrespective of price. Sublime fidelity, peerless build quality and exquisite design distinguish the Monitor Audio GX300 speakers as a future classic.

Monitor Audio GX300 speakers specification:

system format: 3 way
frequency response: 30 hz - 60 khz
sensitivity: 90 db
nominal impedance: 8 ohms
maximum s.p.l
(per pair in room): 116.8 dba
power handling (rms): 200 w
recommended amplifier requirements (rms): 100 - 200 w
bass alignment: bass reflex. hive port system
crossover frequency:  l.f - m.f: 790 hz
m.f - h.f: 2.3 khz
drive unit compliment:  2 x 6.5" rst bass driver
1 x 4" rst mid-range driver
1 x c-cam h.f ribbon transducer
external dimensions excl stand (h x w x d)
 1060 x 210 x 330 mm
(41 3/4 x 8 1/4 x 13 inch) 
weight (each) excluding stands:  27.2 kg (59.9 lbs) 
finishes: gloss black
musical fidelity m1 clic and m1 pwr with monitor audio gx50 speakers

the musical fidelity m1 clic and m1 pwr with monitor audio gx50 speakers is on permanent demonstration in our hull store.

we have limited numbers of 'b' stock m1 clic and m1 pwr combos. this allows us to pass on massive savings to you.

the 2 units individually retailed for £1899 so you are saving £599 over list price. the clic is a fantastic streamer/dac/pre amplifier and forms the basis of a great streaming system. the package can be upgraded by the addition of a cd transport or a further power amplifier
�b� stock means that the units have been returned to musical fidelity and retested, reboxed and resealed. both the musical fidelity m1 clic and m1 pwr come with a 5 year musical fidelity warranty.
we have secured a quantity of ex demo monitor audio gx50 speakers in bubinga that we are able to offer at Ã�£699, this is a £250 saving over full retail. gx50 stocks are limited, so please contact us if you are interested on 01482 223096 or email shop@fanthorpes.co.uk 
as you would expect from fanthorpes hifi, we offer a generous part exchange against the musical fidelity m1 clic and m1 pwr with monitor audio gx50 speakers. if you have any hifi that you wish to use as part payment against the musical fidelity m1 clic and m1 pwr with monitor audio gx50 speakers then either email us at shop@fanthorpes.co.uk  or call us on 01482 223096 or and we will give you a price to change. this is a fantastic and hassle free way of making the musical fidelity m1 clic and m1 pwr with monitor audio gx50 speakers more affordable.

fanthorpes hifi can also offer buy now pay later on the musical fidelity m1 clic and m1 pwr with monitor audio gx50 speakers, allowing you to spread or defer your payments over a year. if you are interested in taking advantage of our payment terms on the musical fidelity m1 clic and m1 pwr with monitor audio gx50 speakers email shop@fanthorpes.co.uk or call us on 01482 223096 and we will email an application form to you
All in one package. Upsampling cd, dual mono amplifier, DAB and FM radio, first class MM and MC phono stage.Latest software v 1.4 in superb condition. Used in second system, very low use. Can demo in South Manchester.
A Elrod statement of 6 ft, with shuko IEC-20A is available in very good condition . Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com 
Paypal please add 4% more
Audio Note DAC 2 Signature for sale. It has been upgraded to DAC 2.1x Signature specs (AD1865, no oversampling & filtering, etc.). 

Has one visible scratch on the front panel.
Fantastic Wilson benesch Ply MC cartridge with broken cantilever. The cartridge has been hardly used and needs retipping.
New price £ 1.115; offers accepted.
Philips ECC82 - 6189 SQ, pair of in excellent condition for the age.
Cobra Plus  5 Pin DIN to 2 RCA > Refurbished by The Chord Company

Configuration:Signal & return conductors arranged in a noise cancelling twisted pair configuration.

Conductors:  Pseudo-balanced 22AWG multi-stranded oxygen free copper conductors.Matched signal and return conductord improve sound quality.

Conductor Insulation: Low density polyethylene with vibration damping cotton conductor spacers.

Shielding:  Dual layer; high density braid  oxygen free copper shield and overlapped foil shield.

Jacket: Conductors encased in soft PVC to reduce mechanical noise,protective outer layer.

Termination: High quality metal DIN plug to Chord VEE plugs.A high performance RCA plug with vibration eliminating ABS enclosure.Teflon insulated Gold-plated centre pin and low mass signal surround. Non compression clamping system reduces potential signal corruption.                                                            
Use with: CD players , DAC's and Blu-ray players.
Crimson VEE 3 2RCA to 2RCA > Refurbished by The Chord Company

Configuration:Twin, twisted oxygen free copper signal & return conductors,in a Pseudo-Balanced / Symmetrical design, one set for the Signal the other the Return. The  multi-strand conductors are kept in place by two cotton spacers, finally the whole group is wrapped with a natural cotton filler before the the dual layer screen is applied. The group of conductors are shielded by a double layer screen consisting of an initial layer of High-Density Braid then overlapped with foil, the fully floating shield is then wrapped with soft  PVC before a hard PVC jacket is applied further improving mechanical damping 

Plugs: The cable is terminated with Chord's custom VEE3 RCA Plugs.The plug has an ABS outer shell, all contact areas  are treated with a unique Silver plating process. The signal return surround provides a secure high pressure contact with all types of RCA sockets and the centre pin is insulated with PTFE.The plug design gives good strain relief without compressing the cable and compromising the performance.

Use with: Mid - Price CD players , DAC's, Blu-ray players and components
WireWorld Gold Eclipse 6 XLR Interconnect 1m - Ex Demo

Termination:	XLR - XLR
Nordost Frey 1m RCA Interconnect - Pre owned

RRP: £1,034

Original packaging
YAMAHA S2000 CD/...
Mint condition, light use manual and remote
No box but can pack safely for shipping
Near offers
Ex Demo Model. The all in one server/player, the VS model, comes with a 320GB drive. Stand-alone the VS server/player allows the user to import movies, music, and photos to the hard drive for management and playback.
VALVET Soulshine8 preamp (flagship model, RRP £3,500), ext power supply, black anodized front panels, green LED „V"s, chrome knobs, 4 x Sylvania Chrome Dome 6SN7 tubes, standard remote control (normally an extra), 3 pairs of WBT NextGen Cu RCAs (normally an extra), in total: 3 variable outputs (1 XLR+2 RCA), in total: 5 inputs (1 XLR+4 RCA), perfect working order, spotless cosmetic condition, 18 months old, original box/manual/paperwork, change in hi-fi direction, hence the sale, location Bromley, Kent
All of the Ref 3a products are top-quality but these were the top of the range of their stand mounts before being discontinued because of the high cost of making them. The main reason for this is the stuff that the cabinets are made from, which is Corian. This is an incredibly dense and hard to work with material which really does make the speakers �disappear� so that all you hear is the music. These speakers are highly sought-after for those �in the know�.
These are a matched serial number left and right pair, as they came direct from the factory. These speakers have a totally inert cabinet and are very dynamic and detailed without the loss of musicality. If you are into imaging and a wide soundstage these are some of the best I have heard in that regard at any price. The frequency response is truly amazing with these and provides a full range of sound. The drivers and crossovers are extremely tightly matched, of the highest quality and they contain Van den Hul silver internal wiring. The best thing though about these is that they are an easy  and can be driven well by as little as a few watts!! 
The speakers are in excellent condition and the finish looks beautiful.
They will come complete with the Manufacturer recommended Target stands which are even heavier than the speakers, so this is most definitely for collection only (or meet part-way) as I will not risk them getting damaged in transit.  They will come with all the original packaging.
Roksan TR-5 K2 in Gloss Black
Good condition
Excellent sound quality, change to much smaller room forces sale.
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