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a small selection of ads on HiFi Forsale
for sale is an excellent condition rare and sought after marantz sa1.  i am the third owner and have owned the unit since 2005.  last year the laser mechanism was replaced (a known problem with sa1s) and the display fixed (likewise) so the unit is in full working order.  i have the remote but no original packaging, so collection from herne hill, south london is preferred (this is a very heavy player and not ideal for shipping, although i could deliver personally within the m25 for agreed petrol costs).  absolutely first class fit and finish, a jewel of a machine that still sounds wonderful, particularly on sacd.  it also makes a superb transport.
please check out out my ebay profile rossp4112 for assurance of 100% feedback.
Koetsu Cartridges are legendary and the Koetsu Black is no exception. It is a superb cartridge. I have not used it for a number of years as I have been using an alternative. It only had light use when in service. The Koetsu was recently rebuilt by NorthWest Analogue in Preston at a cost of nearly £500. The stylus tip was replaced with a Fritz Gyger II tip and the coils and suspension we adjusted and re-aligned. I have not used it since it was returned to me but Dominic and Natalie at NorthWest Analogue assure me it is sound better than ever with a really smoothe sound. 

Payments accepted in cash or by PayPal. Buyer pays PayPal fees and postage.
Brand new and still sealed, customer failed to collect.
primaluna prologue 6 tube monoblock power  amps (x2) in silver. in superb condition.
sounds great, check out reviews at http://www.primaluna-usa.com/reviews-menu/pro-six-reviews . boxed with manual. 
great buy at £2400 new, a steal at £1195.
for sale are my verity audio amadis speakers. just bought them in february 2013 with full warranty from official german verity dealer. piano black finish. comes with four verity flightcases, so safe worldwide shipment is possible. paypal (please add 3,9%) or wire transfer accepted. price in euro is 1395 euro (a new pair in germany is 32.000 euro). great opportunity, if you are looking for one of the bigger veritys in as new condition. price is firm. thank you!
We have these Acoustic Energy AE3 Standmount Speakers with Stands for sale. They are preowned and in good condition. There are some marks on the cabinets with can be seen pictured. There is also a slight crack on one of the mid drivers, its not serious and does not effect performance, but thought it was best to mention it (Can also be seen pictured). Complete with floorstands. We do not have the original boxes and as these speakers have some weight to them, this item is listed as COLLECTION ONLY.

Very Rare..... The Acoustic Energy AE3 is the big brother of the world famous AE1. The Acoustic Energy AE1 is one of the most energetic ultra-compact speakers on the market. Still available too. The idea behind the AE1 and AE3 also, is the compression-free reproduction of music. Most of the dynamic loudspeakers begin to compress at some point. At a given moment, the voice coils become hot and so occurs compression. All voice coils of the units of the AE3 are thermally coupled to the aluminum cones, which produces a very special sound. The AE3 is built with an audiophile grade crossover and is suitable for triwiring. The Acoustic Energy AE3 sounds very open and dynamic, has a wonderful spatial sound and an uncolored reproduction and also a strong and deep bass foundation. A solid amplifier is mandatory. The casing of the AE3 is very solid and heavy and therefore extremely inert. The stands can be filled with lead shot, for optimalisation of the sound. These Acoustic Energy AE3 + Stands are in very good condition. 


Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01482 223096 or email to shop@fanthorpes.co.uk

Get instant notification of all our new bargains by following us on twitter at https://twitter.com/FanthorpesHiFi
Please call for pictures
Mint condition with remote perfect working condition.
new black vpi traveler.

best regards,
sense of music
the netherlands
The A5+ is a powered ('active') design, and therefore does not need an external amplifier. Indeed it has no facility for it to be used with one. One of the pair of speakers contains the amplifier (and therefore is heavier) and has a volume control on the front, while the other is 'passive', taking a cable from the powered speaker. For me the supplied cable for this purpose was too short, so I had to get a longer cable. You get the original cable with these speakers.

This model is very highly praised in perhaps the majority of reviews, though I personally was disappointed with it because my own sound recordings of natural soundscapes really showed up their actually exaggerated, wallowing and boomy bass to the point of ruining the listening experience altogether for many of those recordings! This appears to be partly but not wholly down to resonances in my listening space.

That said, however, although the bottom end of this model's frequency response is claimed to be 50Hz, which would itself be very good indeed for notionally bookshelf-size speakers, my own sinewave tests revealed a just audible signal even down to 28Hz, which is not just good but amazing! You'd still need a subwoofer, though, if you want a proper flat response below 50Hz, with really solid 'feely' / 'earthquake' frequencies; it would make a big difference.

Apart from my issue with the A5+ bass, however, which latter in any case would please many people who are listening just to music, they are far from being 'all problem', even in my own jaundiced perception! Indeed, their midrange and treble make recordings sound very realistic, with a great clarity and naturalness.

I received the speakers only in mid-May 2014, so they must be fully broken in by now, but overall they have not had a great amount of use as I have been out a lot and also very busy processing my own sound recordings (then using my quality computer speakers - Audioengine A2+ with S8 subwoofer).

I would like prospective purchasers to give themselves enough time when they come here to audition the speakers properly before making up their minds about them.

Please note that this item is for personal collection only (Exeter, UK), with up-front full CASH payment.
msb dac iii with usb input and 384khz upsampler
truly one of the best dac in the market, updated with usb input and 384khz upsampler module operating on all the inputs.

fully balanced with 4 modules dac 24 bit r2r ladder by msb technology.

digital filter 16x by msb technology.

with 5 dedicated supply inputs for the digital section and 6 for the analogical.

this is a class apart product, with the upsampler module accepts and processes digital inputs up to 32bit and 384khz.

digital inputs: usb 192khz, s/pdif coaxial, esb/ebu balanced, bnc, toslink, msb network.

analogical outputs: rca and xlr

manufacturer  msb
model  msb platinum dac iii
condition 10/10
location  stia  italy
accept payment by no preference
will send by buyers preference
will send to world wide
contact   click here to email seller with your own emailer 
or click here to use our contact form
tel +39 335 6164811
A Spectral DMC 15 is available in mint condition. Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com 
Paypal please add 5% more
HiFi In Touch Mains Distribution Blocks

Improving the mains supply to your audio/visual system is one of the most cost effective upgrades to be made. HiFi In Touch power blocks provide a very high quality connection to your audio equipment often resulting in a significant improvement in both sound and picture quality - less like Hi Fi and more like real music. Manufactured in our own workshop, we feel our mains blocks offer a level of performance that is hard to beat.

Available directly from from the following dealers:

Fidelity Audio

The Music Room Glasgow

Audiocom International

Custom Electronic Design

Please enquire for prices, trade enquiries welcome.
Compliance:	 CE approved
Carcass:	 Solid oak
Socket outlets:	 Furutech, Silver Plated, MK logic plus
IEC Inlet:	 10 or 16 amp, Furutech or standard
Internal wiring:	 High current, silver plated, Teflon coated.
Number of outlets:	 2,4, 6 or 8
Cryogenic option:	 Yes
Design shape:	 Toblerone or rectangular
Finish:	 High quality scratch resistant
Price:	 £300 - £1200 depending on chosen options
Tube Technology Unisis Signature, I have owned this great amplifier from new. It has been well looked after and carefully warmed up before each listening session.

Priced around £3900 new.

Price £1575 ONO

For more info contact Lee on 07971849474 or SonicFrontiers@yahoo.co.uk
purchased 6 months ago £1155
I have had these 38 years, complete with MA stands and original packaging. Finished in teak. Great sounding speakers for the money. Note these are the series 2 model with the improved tweeter.
From smoke free home.
Location: Edge of New Forest
Will post pics when time allows.
my treasured b&w speakers are up for sale.
only selling because of house move. will demonstrate if needed. they sound lovely very upset at having to sell.
Arguably the best preamp Audio Research ever made, and in its much improved Mk2 version (original) this preamp still stands head and shoulders above many new offerings.
No huge digital displays, this is purist and sounds so much better for it.
Have heard alongside Ref 3 and Ref 5 and IMO this simply sounds 'right'.
Recent new valves throughout!!
Absolutely mint condition, complete with all original packaging, and accessories.
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