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a small selection of ads on HiFi Forsale
looking for a mc12 best to be v5 and eq preferably with mics. balanced not necessary - price depends on setup and state
gamut l3 standmount speakers in birds eye maple and in superb condition.  Price includes a pair of Partington Broadside speaker stands.
great sounding speakers and stunning to look at as well.  lovingly cared for.  retail price £5400.
any further info or more photos please don\'t hesitate to contact me.
wanted meridian m60 active speakers in good condition.
Cyrus Anniversary System

Cyrus Audio celebrates 30 years of audio innovation with the launch of the Anniversary Series Ė an exclusive system of fine-¬≠‐tuned flagship products

Britainís leading specialist hi-¬≠‐fi manufacturer, Cyrus Audio, has launched the Cyrus Anniversary System, an exclusive package of fine-¬≠‐tuned flagship components released as part of Cyrusís 30th anniversary celebrations. The system is based upon Cyrusís flagship X Series range and has been painstakingly fine-¬≠‐tuned by Technical Director, Peter Bartlett.
The Cyrus Anniversary System comprises carefully upgraded versions of the following range-¬≠‐topping X Series components: the CD XT SE2 CD transport; Stream X2 network music player; DAC XP+ (DAC with preamp); 2 x Mono X 300 power amps and 2 x PSX-¬≠‐ R power supplies. Sold as a complete package, the Cyrus Anniversary System comes bundled with interconnect cabling, a Hark II equipment support, n-¬≠‐remote system remote control and Cyrus Cadence iPad app.
Developed in a purpose-¬≠‐built sound studio, the Cyrus Anniversary System has been slowly and incrementally developed over the past year. Evolved from the X Series, by implementing performance-¬≠‐enhancing changes based on 30 years of audio engineering knowledge, a second improvement phase involved replacing key components in each product with the very latest-¬≠‐generation items, gaining improvements in detail and resolution. The entire system then underwent a painstaking retuning to ensure that each component functioned holistically with its stablemates. 
The result is a unique collection of components benefiting from 30 years of design and engineering experience. The extraordinary upgrade and refinement programme has finessed each product into its best possible configuration. 

Contact us about free delivery and installation of the Cyrus Anniversary System

Fanthorpes offer a generous trade in for your used kit  against the Cyrus Anniversary System

E-mail us at shop@fanthorpes.co.uk

Call us on
01482 223096
save   £325! boxes as new. white, yellow and black. only 4 though so be quick.
These speakers from B W are like brand new! I bought them in May 2010 and will be sold in all original packing. 
They dont have a nick, scratch or fingerprint on them. Only selling due to upgrade.
full tubes and fully remoted, drive anithing MM - MC 
Box manual remote
plus shipping
a beautiful pair of rare black acoustic precision fr1 speakers with the latest drivers and internally wired with monolith 20/20s speaker cable and revised internal damping.

comparable designs are in excess of £1500 today, which is still a bargain for what you get.

one of the best speakers on the whole planet !!!! sublime.

very fragile polystyrene cabinets,some small marks, but overall,very rare to finds in this condition.
wtb a valhalla digital with bnc connectors preferred. open minded about reterminated cables and not overly excited by their wooden box.
the stand is in very good condition.  for sale as we are moving house and have purchased an integrated stand for the tv which includes shelves for my hifi equipment.  there are 5 glass shelves.  gap between the bottom 3 is 170mm with 150mm between the top 2.
Featuring three sets of silver-plated conductors connected to silver plated VEE 3 RCA plugs using a special silver solder, and shielded from interference with a heavy gauge shield, youíll be amazed by the impact Chameleon will have on your music
Soundcare SuperSpike M8S

Is an assembly of:

    An Outer,sturdy,clean looking housing of ABS plastic (1)
    Spike made of first class case hardened steel (2)
    Zinc casing (3) that reduces resonances in the spike and is specially designed to hold the ABS housing when the speaker/stand is lifted
    Zinc disc(4) with mild steel insert(5)
    Self adhesive felt disc made from 1.25mm quality felt with permanent high tack adhesive
    Lock nut on all threaded versions
     tolerance of 400kg per spike

A very simple Upgrade

An excellent cost effective upgrade to the performance of your speakers situated on hard or wooden floors.Simply remove the existing spike and fit the M6 SuperSpike.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Never worry about damaging your floor surface with a spike again.

NB:Double check your existing spike thread size prior to ordering
brand new in box and unused - 2x pairs available
Pioneer 50\" Plasma. Model PDP 508XD. Complete with under mount speakers and Pioneer Table Top Stand. Excellent condition. 9980 Hrs use as of Mar 5th.
combination for sale. amazing for movies and music! excellent condition apart from few minor marks on top of amp. original arcam boxes and instruction manual included.
CD player is 8 yrs old, had brand new laser & door fitted this July. No problems with it, I\'ve upgraded to a Rega Isis hence reason for sale. No remote control.
the no. 91 mains lead is made using belden 83803 audiophile shielded cable which has an active earth shield (faraday cage) to combat rfi and keep interference at bay.

terminated with a top quality furutech fi-1363 (g) gold plated audiophile grade mains plug, cryo treated as standard, these plugs are the best mains plug for sale anywhere, gold plated copper pins, legendary build quality and top performance guaranteed. fitted with a gold plated 13 amp mains fuse as standard.

the iec connector is the same brand and is the very latest up-graded specification fi-11 (g) n1 series audiophile iec connector. cryo treated as standard and using gold plated contact pins, the fi-11 has recently been up-graded by furutech and now has a metal cable clamping system in place of the old plastic one, as well as an improved gold plating to further enhance sound quality, attention to detail is a furutech trade mark, top quality is part of the furutech ethos. 

the mains lead is assembled and tested in our own workshops and made using top quality parts, no shortcuts are ever made with our cables and we always do everything possible to produce the best cables possible.
2 years old not one mark on them,trily amazing speakers cost me 88000 room for movment on price
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