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a small selection of ads on HiFi Forsale
jamo surround sound speakers in good condition
these wonderkind amps are fromyoshihiro muramatsu, at almarro, one of japans unsung audio heros. they are our demonstrators and as time passes they have just got better and better. these wonderful 40 watt push pull class a monoblock amps are  based on 6c33c-b dual triod valves and are quite deminutive. they give a powerful but delicate sound as expected from this valve and class a working. dimensionally palpable, sweet and colourful in the best possible sense. resolution, tactility and pace in spades. i can now report that our customers and the reviewers agree with us . and at their normal selling price of   £6750 they out perform considerably more expensive equipment. i have fitted them with valve coolers and i cannot rate them highly enough! so much so i have privately bought a pair! even with all the new kit we have had over the last few months i still think that they very special indeed and that if anything i under estimated them.
Pair of high efficiency Zu Omens loudspeakers.  Sound fantastic with low powered tube amps but will work with almost anything.

Good condition with boxes, manuals etc.  A few minor cosmetic scratches.
HDMI Advance 1.5 m
Price £29.50 Saving of £15.50
Configuration:Silver-plated,oxygen free copper conductors are used for the critical signal connections wrapped in a highly effective shield.Cable diameter is 6mm and is very flexible making it an ideal choice to use with comtemporary thin bezel screens.This cable meets high speed 1.4 HDMI specifications and also carries ethernet


Plugs: The cable is terminated with Die-cast, Gold-plated plugs to ensure maximum signal transfer and reliability

Use with:Blu-ray players, DAC's and LED & Plasma screens, Playstations and X- Box's
How Does the Tri-Planar Ultimate II Sound?

If you have read up to this point, you’ll realize just how stupid this question really is. I simply do not credit tonearms for a “sound” — I credit tonearms for their lack of sound. In that respect, I can confidently say that, once optimized for each cartridge, the Tri-Planar delivered and conveyed exactly the same message though each of the three transducers. So quiet is its operation and ability to drain away outside influence, that each cartridge delivered a level of detail and rock stable image that was nothing short of amazing. In fact, as much as I have always admired the sound of my vintage Technics low output moving magnet cartridge, the Tri-Planar enabled it to deliver an upper bass and midrange clarity, detail, and unity to its sound that would be the envy of many lesser moving coils in today’s world. (A.J. Van Den Hul really nailed it many many moons ago).

In the case of the aging Accuphase AC2, the Tri-Planar enabled it to deliver cleaner and more resolved upper registers without the slight “shimmer” of instability of the EPA-500M. In addition, there was a new-found authority in the bass region that was something new and refreshing to experience from this particular cartridge. Images are classic 3D as with any Nakatsuka-San design, however the Tri-Planar enabled the AC-2 to provide greater insight and stability to the rear of the soundstage and as well as generate an improved and more realistic image height.

Once I moved to the superior ZYX Yatra after much tweaking of the damping paddle, the Tri-Planar Ultimate II was clearly able to outdistance my vintage tonearm system in some very significant ways. The newly mated pair yielded clean, tight, yet tonally rich bass. Also, thanks to the immaculate noise floor of the Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. 101 turntable, the images were not only broad and deep, but also quiet and crystalline clear on live recordings. In fact, once the Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. 101 / Tri-Planar Ultimate II/ ZYX Yatra marriage was made and optimized, nearly every single LP I played during this period of the review required me to lift the cueing after every one or two cuts so that I could write my notes because I simply could not tear myself away from the music. Specifically, the Tri-Planar proved to have all of those endearing qualities that have held me strong on the EPA-500 (after modifications). However, that’s only the beginning. The Tri-Planar Ultimate II enabled deeper and more detailed layering of images. High frequencies were pristinely rendered and stable without so much as a hint of blurring. The Tri-Planar Ultimate II enabled the ZYX Yatra to deliver midrange clarity, warmth, detail, and outstanding life-like performance on strings. Closely miked male vocals were beautifully resolved without so much as hint of heaviness or resonant aberrations. Indeed, the Tri-Planar Ultimate II proved to be the most silent of partners in the LP playback system. I couldn’t possibly transcribe everything from my listening notes, so instead I am including at the end of this essay, a portion of the playlist that clearly enabled the finest qualities of the Tri-Planar Ultimate II to emerge (the knee-slapping, head bopping, and goose bump moments!).
In Summary

It is clear that the Tri-Planar Ultimate II is the culmination of a lifelong passion for music. The tonearm Tri Mai has developed here is a methodically thought out, meticulously engineered, and brilliantly d musical instrument. It offers a set of features and configurability that enable phono cartridges from all walks of life to deliver their maximum performance. In my view, this rarest of combinations of configurability, build quality, and performance, is without peers. The Tri-Planar Ultimate II is a music component of the highest order that enables phono cartridges to deliver their best. Kudos Tri Mai, for a truly exceptional product. Highly recommended.
New and Sealed.
An 180gram Audiophile pressing of this famous British Blues Band.
Expertly pressed onto 180gram Vinyl by 'Speakers Corner Records' using the original master tapes.
These records are a cut above the usual and will compliment quality playback equipment.
Brand new and UNUSED Quad 2905 electrostatic loudspeakers in Classic finish. Bought new in October 2011 but NEVER EVER used ! Unpacked for photography only. In a review Ken Kessler gave these 20/20 !!
We have just sourced some RBH MC-83 in wall speakers at a great price.  All MC-83 speakers are  new and come with a 25 year warranty. You can order as many as you like to meet your requirements while stocks last. The MC-83 is the ultimate 3-way in-wall speaker. The rigid 8-inch aluminum cone woofer provides deep, rich bass unsurpassed by any other speaker of its kind. The matching 2 inch aluminum cone mid-range coupled with the 1-inch aluminum dome swivel tweeter produces accuracy never before heard in an in-wall speaker.
CD player is 8 yrs old, had brand new laser & door fitted this July. No problems with it, I\'ve upgraded to a Rega Isis hence reason for sale. No remote control.
Cherry real wood Veneer
These speakers are real high end performance. Exceptional sound, great condition.
Cost new £4000.00 Pre-Owned bargain at £1300.00
Little Pinkie Special Edition Power Supply for Musical Fidelity X-CAN V3.
Pioneer A-207R Stereo Amplifier in good working order
VALVET Soulshine8 preamp (flagship model, RRP £3,500), ext power supply, black anodized front panels, green LED „V"s, chrome knobs, 4 x Sylvania Chrome Dome 6SN7 tubes, standard remote control (normally an extra), 3 pairs of WBT NextGen Cu RCAs (normally an extra), in total: 3 variable outputs (1 XLR+2 RCA), in total: 5 inputs (1 XLR+4 RCA), perfect working order, spotless cosmetic condition, 18 months old, original box/manual/paperwork, change in hi-fi direction, hence the sale, location Bromley, Kent
For sale, almost brand new (300 hours) integrated amplifier TAC-V60. Original box and package
Monitor Audio PLC150 Centre Speaker

The Monitor Audio PLC150 Centre Speaker extends the choice of Platinum system building options for a wider range of room sizes. This condensed version of the PLC350 shares the radical materials, processes and production techniques of its Platinum series counterparts and so is supremely esoteric in nature, setting new standards of aesthetic quality and performance within any compact high-quality multi-channel system. Even so, the Monitor Audio PLC150 Centre Speakers use of two 6.5" RDT® bass/midrange drivers astride a C-CAM® high frequency ribbon transducer makes it a perfect partner for the neutral tonal balance and accurate, dynamic sound of the PL100 and PL200. Complementing these speakers in a Platinum system for smaller environments, the Monitor Audio PLC150 Centre Speaker will  a seamless front sound stage characterised by wonderfully precise dialogue, life-like speed and pin-sharp imaging. A dedicated two pillar stand is available to provide straight or angled installation for the optimum listening position.

Monitor Audio PLC150 Centre Speaker Specification:

Rear Ported HiVe®II technology
2 x 6.5" RDT® bass/mid-range driver
1 x C-CAM® high frequency ribbon transducer
All cabinet finishes have hand-upholstered front baffles in Ingleston Black premium grade leather.
Finish options: Santos Rosewood veneer
AVI Bigga-tron loudspeakers for sale in like new condition. Used only at sensible sound levels, bought new from Robert Taussig HiFi Dealer. 

Similar to ATC\'s but without perhaps the clinical sound. 

Kindly note the item now includes FREE 16 inch high Target Stands !!!! 

I have the original box\'s and speaker grills (just packed) 

Demo (if required) and collection from Richmond Park Road, Kingston. 

Shipping can be arranged at extra cost. 

From a smoke and pet free home. 

Any Questions please ask. 

No problem listening most days or evenings. 

Kindly see the images for condition, as mentioned they are like new. 

I\'ve said their 9/10 as their obviously not new but look superb.

Mobile 07799 186180
Size H X W X D 370 X195 X 290mm 
Bass Drive Unit 6.5\"doped paper 25mm voice coil 
Tweeter 28mm doped silk composite 
Crossover 12dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley 
Sensitivity 88dB/W/M 
Cherry real wood 
Amplifier range 30-150 Watts
Brand new in package, QED performance graphite. 
Miniature optical digital  toslink to mini toslink. 
1.0 metres

I don\'t have a \'box\' for it so collection is my preferred option, but I\'m willing to deliver (or meet up) up to 150 miles or so. This is 90Kg of muscle amp and is definitely a two man lift. I\'m based near Redcar in the north east, post code TS11 8BS.
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