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a small selection of ads on HiFi Forsale
The last of the great sansui\'s All downhill after this imo Was kept in damp conditions. the amp has had a good clean  the top cover is currently in professional paint shop for repowder coating as the top had a lot of damaged paint  and surface rust.I have had this playiing for several hours and is sonically very good. Plenty on the net and highly praised.TOP NOW DONE ANDLOOKING LIKE NEW>
ASTINTREW At500 power amplifier, mint, boxed [ £840]  £625
jamo surround sound speakers in good condition
June 2007, Jan 2008, Mar 2008 to Oct 2010 inclusive, Dec 2010, May 2011 to Oct 2013 inclusive, Jan 2014 - May 2014 inclusive...
A Elrod statement of 6 ft, with shuko IEC-20A is available in very good condition . Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com 
Paypal please add 4% more
Argentum Acoustics MILLENIA AES-EBU Digital Coaxial Audio Cable, 2.0M length complete with original box in very nice condition.
RRP £600
7m pair of this terrific bi-wire cable. was £240, now £170.

free uk delivery!

chord carnival silverscreen is an affordable shielded speaker cable inspired by our award-winning signature cable and like signature, carnival silverscreen is capable of bringing astonishing improvements to the system it is connected to. there can be no doubting the importance of high frequency effective shielding.  from entry level upwards, every hi-fi system responds to the introduction of shielded speaker cable.  more detail, improved dynamics, better timing, tonal neutrality across the frequency range and most importantly of all, a hugely enjoyable and involving musical experience.

the oxygen free copper multi stranded conductors used in carnival silverscreen have been borrowed from the chord carnival classic.  the twisted pair configuration conductors are insulated with low-density polyethylene insulation and these are surrounded by a soft pvc casing that provides excellent mechanical damping characteristics.  the conductors and pvc surround are then shielded with two heavily overlapped foil shields. to hold the dual shields in place and provide further mechanical damping a final translucent outer jacket is applied. 

carnival silverscreen can dramatically improve the musical abilities of almost any system it is fitted to.  however, given the price, carnival silverscreen should also be seriously considered for use in home cinema and multi-channel music systems.  the sheer number of components and the amount of cabling involved in a typical multi-channel home cinema and music system makes a compelling case for the use of a shielded speaker cable.  wiring the front three speakers with carnival silverscreen and the rear speakers with either carnival classic or leyline will produce excellent results.

carnival silverscreen is available in single and bi-wire configurations

conductors: 4 x 15 awg multi-stranded oxygen free copper.

configuration: 2 x twisted pair configuration.

conductor insulation: polyethylene (zero halogen). red is h-f positive, black is h-f negative. green is l-f positive, purple is l-f negative. conductors are surrounded by pvc to minimise mechanical noise.

shielding: dual layer overlapped foil.

jacket: pvc. diameter: 13mm. colour: translucent blue.

applications: bi-wire version of award winning carnival silverscreen.  best speaker cable what hifi awards 2008 & 2009.  the shielding dramatically improves the performance of all hi-fi and home cinema systems

picture(s) for illustrative purposes only.
Hand built speackers from KLS9 kit.
Chorus 2   2 RCA to 2 RCA > (Single Run) Refurbished by The Chord Company

    CONDUCTORS : Heavy gauge stranded silver-plated conductors
    CONFIGURATION:Hand twisted balanced construction.
    SHIELDING :Twisted  silver-plated dual shields.
    CONDUCTOR INSULATION: Teflon insulation.
    TERMINATION:  High performance silver plated RCA(phono) plug.Sliver-plated contact areas maintain single material signal path.
Use with: CD players , DAC's and Blu-ray players, in fact any high quality line-level component.
DV50S UNIVERSAL PLAYER in near mint condition can/will hold its own or even better many modern players tank like build, quality sound 375khz upsampling and dsd
programable remote control
Wireworld Gold Eclipse 6 Balanced Interconnect cable 1m in length

In very good boxed condition, just one little 1mm mark at the back of one XLR plug where they've knocked together, basically mint just making sure I pick up on everything. Selling due to needing longer cables for new amp

Awesome cable that's over £1300 new

Grab a hifi bargain.
We have a ex-demo Apollo R C D Player. You are buying from the authorised Rega Dealer in the Channel Islands.
 If you live outside the Channel Islands, please be aware that you may have to pay vat.

Please phone us for quote on postage and/or pre-paying the vat at the Alderney Post office.
the kimber ks-1136 xlr audio cables 1m in min condition + box 

also i for sale the kimber ks-3038 speaker cable 2.5m only £3400

call me more detail on 07729289272
Luxury 8 Source/8 Zone System

The Suite 8x8 is specifically designed as an eight-room/zone multi-room preamplifier. For those who require 8 independent zones and seek the very best stereo sound quality available anywhere, the Suite 8x8 is a perfect fit. The Suite 8x8 incorporates features found only in ADA's "luxury" product level including bass, midrange and treble tones controls, stereo enhancement and active loudness contour. All these acoustical settings combine to provide the best possible sound at even the most modest of volume levels. While perfectly capable of playing loud enough to rock the house, Suite 8x8 is specifically engineered to deliver incredible bass at background sound levels.
Arcam AVR500 AV Processor & Amplifier in black

Superb 7.1 surround sound processor and amplifier.

See here for spec... http://www.arcam.co.uk/products,FMJ,AV-Amplifiers,avr500.htm

It has recently been refurbished by Arcam to the latest spec & software and is guaranteed.
There are no marks or faults with the amp and it is working perfectly.
It has original packaging, manual, remote control and radio antenna.

A demonstration is possible as I would prefer the purchaser to appreciate the immaculate condition.
For those of you that are looking at this you will know that this is amazing home cinema amplifier.
For sale, pair of Neat Iota speakers in black finish.  Excellent condition.  Include original boxes and packaging etc.   I also have the Neat stands if interested.
Well Tempered Reference Tonearm, Carbon Fibre Arm tube, Supererior non adjustable headshell. Two bottles Silicon Fluid, one reel of Mono Filament. Pics on request
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