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a small selection of ads on HiFi Forsale
Pair of superb Sonus Faber Concertino  walnut speakers with Atacama SE20 sand filled stands

These high quality Italian made speakers are in excellent condition and give a superb deep rich sound with s of detail and clarity.
See these links for reviews of these speakers:

See http://www.sonusfaber.com/ for more details on the manufacturer

Each speaker weighs 7.6kg so they are really solid.
I am including the Atacama SE20 speaker stands I have used with them in the sale. These are currently filled with fine sand to add weight and so each stand weighs 15kg without the speaker, providing a very solid base for the speaker. The stands come with removable spikes which can be used if required

Both the speakers and stands are unmarked and in as new condition. Only selling them because I have recently upgraded my system
I have the original boxes and packaging for the speakers and stands so can ship if required but as the total weight (including sand!) is about 46kg it will be fairly expensive, so offering them for collection only initially but will ship at buyers cost if required in which case I will remove the sand and then get quotes for shipping!

I also have lengths of very high quality space spec cables I have been using with the speakers available at extra cost if required, please contact me for details if interested
Harbeth C7ES-3 stand mount speakers required. Must be in mint condition.
Top quality British Monitor Audio R352 Good condition for their age and have matching serial numbers. Complete with the original wooden stands (NOT the ones shown in the photos).

As for the speakers themselves they sound superb - only selling as I six pairs of speakers and the other half is getting a bit fed up with these sitting in the lounge. They have a tight, well defined sound. Bass is well controlled and not over-powering. From reading the reviews on the internet the speakers work well with valve amps too. Mid range/treble is excellent. 

There are a few light scratches on the cabinets and a few minor snags on the grilles, small holes in the cloth in a couple of the corners otherwise ok for age. They still look very good. Speakers are 64cm (H) x 25cm (W) x32 (D). Stands are 44cm (H). Will be very sorry to see these go. happy to demo, Clevedon Somerset. Collection only thanks.
Velodyne subs don't need an introduction. The name is synonomous with few others for reference quality subwoofers and the DD18 is a monster. This is an ex dem unit. Gloss black. boxed. All ancilliaries included.
I am selling my Cyrus 6vs integrated amplifier, excellent condition comes with power lead and remote control. Been paired with ProAc Studio 125 speakers and delivers a great sound from a variety of sources including vinyl and AV surround sound. Selling as we have moved house and now have an integrated multi-room system.

Overview and specifications from Cyrus (http://www.cyrusaudio.com/product-archive/amps/6vs-integrated-amplifier):

Product Overview

This affordable integrated amplifier boasts an impressive range of abilities. Amongst these is the uncanny skill to present a 3D audio picture of the recorded performance, along with surprisingly powerful dynamics for such a compact amplifier. The Cyrus 6vs circuitry benefits from most of the development work of its larger sibling Cyrus 8vs. Although we have accomplished significant savings by installing a smaller power supply in the 6vs, the main boards are almost identical. Once our customers experience a system of this quality they often consider upgrading to the next level of performance and the Cyrus 6vs can easily be upgraded by our factory. You simply return your Cyrus 6vs to our Huntingdon service facility where it is upgraded to full Cyrus 8vs specification. The charge for this upgrade is only slightly more than the difference in price between the amps to cover labour and shipping. The amp includes our latest VS preamp topology.

Further Information

After planning such an extensive development program for the Cyrus 8vs, the design brief for the Cyrus 6vs amplifier was really quite simple � to design a 40W amplifier with all the new characteristics of its 8 series counterpart! Quite a tough task when meeting the expected budget for a 40W amplifier. By scaling down the massive power supply of the Cyrus 8, this brief has been d in full with the Cyrus 6vs inheriting the power amplifier and power supply design advances, the higher current output stage, the full complement of selected audiophile components, the soft standby switching and the advanced thermal management of the Cyrus 8vs.

With these attributes the Cyrus 6vs is able to deliver remarkable specifications for a 40W amplifier. The rated 30A peak current capability and 173W peak power into a 1 Ohm  would not shame an amplifier of double this capacity. In addition, the ambitious Cyrus 6vs owner has the further benefit of an upgrade path through full Cyrus 8vs specification and beyond, by opting for a Cyrus factory upgrade.

System optimisation � The Cyrus 6vs packs in all the essential features to optimise a quality audio system. A full 40W + 40W 8 Ohm output, six inputs plus full tape monitor, Bi-wirable speaker terminals, headphone output with dedicated power amplifier, Preamplifier output (for bi-amping) and a sophisticated control system with system remote control are all provided.

High efficiency power amplifier � Sharing technology with the Cyrus 8vs, the Cyrus 6vs also uses dual charge pumps with linear post-regulators for the power supply of the voltage amplifier stage, increasing and stabilising the supply, eliminating any trace of power supply ripple and noise, and with no sag under . These high efficiency techniques ensure maximum power transfer from the power supply to the speaker .

Higher current output stage � Featuring identical output transistors to the Cyrus 8vs, the Cyrus 6vs has a massive 30A current drive capability leaving plenty of headroom to deliver the currents demanded from the power amplifier stage when driving real music into a real loudspeaker .

Audiophile component specification � Using the same topology and components in the critical audio signal path, the ive sound signature of the Cyrus 8vs is clearly audible when auditioning the Cyrus 6vs.

New peripheral circuitry for soft standby switching - Electronic standby switching has always been a feature in Cyrus amplifiers. Electronic switching completely avoids the problems of contact degradation which occur in the speaker relays used in most other manufacturers designs. As these amplifiers age, the relay contacts degrade and contact non-linearity gradually rises, degrading the sound. The Cyrus electronic system works by effectively �tri-stating� the power amplifier to prevent it from delivering any current to the loudspeaker whilst set to standby, completely avoiding the need for a relay in the signal path. Secondary benefits are instantaneous disconnection of the power amplifier from the  if an external fault condition, such as a speaker short-circuit, are detected by the control system. In the latest revision of this system for the Cyrus 6vs & 8vs, a more sophisticated control circuit soft switches the power amplifier silently between standby and operational modes.

Advanced thermal management � New thermal measurement techniques are employed by the computer control system of the Cyrus 6vs to intelligently control the outer skin temperature of the casting, maximising the thermal performance available to the amplifier in any environment.

Upgrade path � Cyrus 6vs owners can choose to factory upgrade their amplifiers to full Cyrus 8vs specification at any point after purchase. By paying the cost difference, plus a small handling cost their amplifier will be collected and returned to the Cyrus factory for the internal power supply to be uprated and for PSX-R capability to be added.

Technical Information


Line inputs
6 Line + 2 Tape

Bi-wire Loudspeakers, Tape-out, Preamp-out, Headphone

Power Supply
170VA Toroidal transformer with 5 regulated rails

MC-BUS� System BUS

Remote Control
Supplied with Cyrus Amp/CD/Tuner system remote control


Continuous Power - 40W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) - 50W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Burst Power - 173W (IHF, one channel driven into 1 Ohm)
Distortion - 0.003%, 1kHz (into 8 Ohms), 0.005%, 1kHz (into 4 Ohms)
Frequency Response - -3 dB, 0.2Hz and 85kHz
Damping Factor - (1kHz) 150
Sensitivity - (40W) Line: 179mV
Input impedance - 50kOhm (RCA).
Output voltage - 200mV (Tape out), 380mV (Pre out)
S/N Ratio - 100dBA (ref. 40W)
Channel Balance - ±0.2dB (0dB to -63dB)
Volume control accuracy - ±0.1dB (0dB to -63dB)
Dimensions - (H x W x D) 73 x 215 x 360 (mm)
Weight - 3.7kg
Finish - Brushed Black
bi-wired version of these excellent
speaker cables - 5 metre pair with
banana plugs 2 into 4.
Would have been about  £325 when new.
these were a massive improvement
over my old qed cables.
be warned - these are big, heavy cables and they definitely will not
fit under your carpet !
Denon FM/AM tuner in black. RDS facilities, presets.
For sale is my classe ssp 800 sound processor and ca 5200 5 channel 200w amp, they have been used in conjunction with b&w speakers. Sound superb for both stereo and multi channel sound use. The sound processor has the HDMI 1.4 board fitted with 5 inputs and 2 outputs, and the software for 3D movie playback which is excellent. Both are furnished with both RCA and XLR ports for analogue connections, and the SSP has a vast array of digital and analogues audio and media inputs to suit any requirement too.

Reviewers have said that there is no better sound quality for both stereo and multi channel than Classe. For me Classe has brought high end stereo quality up to multi channel, where most manufacturers tend to bring stereo down to a low level multi channel to save costs.

Both are circa 2.5 years old, covered by manufacturers warranty for the balance of the 5 yrs and the ssp is in excellent condition, with some nominal pinhead marks on the left side of the aluminium casing, probably from the rack, but not visible on a photo. The amp is unmarked. Both come in their original boxes with manuals and remote control, as new.

They are available to be seen and heard in Lymington, Hants. any questions please email.

Payment can be made by cash on collection, or bank transfer if preferred. I do have paypal, but you will need to pick up the fees if you want to use it.
Configuration:Silver-plated,oxygen free copper conductors are used for the critical signal connections wrapped in a highly effective shield.Cable diameter is 6mm and is very flexible making it an ideal choice to use with contemporary thin bezel screens.This cable meets high speed 1.4 HDMI specifications and also carries ethernet

Plugs: The cable is terminated with Die-cast, Gold-plated plugs to ensure maximum signal transfer and reliability

Use with:Blu-ray players, DAC's and LED & Plasma screens, Playstations and X- Box's
As new condition with extra RCA and Tungsram tubes. Original packaging.
Fab mini amp .I have two, so you can buy the other one for great mono block sound! great for computer audio and ipods etc.
A Classic Valve Integrated Amplifier from Tim de Paravicini. 24w per channel. Excellent build and fantastic sound. Rare and sought after. Boxed with manual. In very good condition. The Valve housing need a dust as I haven't removed the cages. 5 inputs and tape monitor. Speaker outputs are to match 4,8 or 16 ohm speakers so those with 85dB sensitivity and above should be fine. Would prefer collection where I can demo the amplifier but if the buyer wishes to arrange a courier if will be packed in its original packing but at your own risk. I will be sorry to see this beautiful amp go. Thanks for looking.
KEF 201/2 REFERE...
Pair of KEF 201/2 reference speakers required with or without dedicated stands. Must be in mint condition.
1 metre of pure silver for live and neutral, ofc copper for earth, iego pure silver iec connector and a silver plated uk mains plug fitted with pure silver fuses 13 amp.
cyrus mono x200 power amplifier

save £1000 on the cyrus mono x200 by buying a repro version. repro amplifiers have been returned to cyrus for one reason or another, they have gone back down the production line and have been retested, and resealed. we then pass them on to you at a great saving, with a full cyrus 2 year warranty. any questions, call us on 01482 223096 or email shop@fanthorpes.co.uk

the cyrus mono x200 mono power amplifier is a massively powerful amplifier, yet it is still housed inside just one magnesium die-cast chassis. incredibly, it is able to drive over 200 watts into real world speaker s.

with the new cyrus mono x200 mono power amplifier, cyrus has pursued zero feedback technology because it brings some very special attractive sonic benefits. the design of the new mono x200 allows the key stages in our amplifier to work independently without the hindrance of global feedback. in a traditional amplifier the corrective actions necessary in the output stage to drive a loudspeaker are fed through the entire amplifier, disturbing unnecessarily the input and voltage amplifier stages.

another benefit with the cyrus mono x200 mono power amplifier is that cyrus' zero feedback amplifiers are able to  an uncanny sonic blackness onto which we paint our musical image. they can achieve this because as the output level reduces to lower levels, where the ear becomes most sensitive to these effects, the distortion produced by the new cyrus mono x200 models falls below measurable limits.

cyrus mono x200 power amplifier specification:

output power (continuous) 8ohm, 150wrms
thd+n @2/3 full power (20hz-20khz 8�)
Hight 1.63M - Wt 110lbs per speaker
40 inch Ribbon, 10 inch bass

Full range sound and utterly superb
Contact Kemal 07591529238
A Paganini DAC +Upsampler+ Master Clock are available in mint condition. Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com 
Paypal please add 5 % more
looking for a pair of Proacs models above 2.5 would prefer Glasgow area pick up
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